Lifezen Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a healthcare brand that aims to develop innovative healthcare offerings that provide the ultimate care of life and well-being. We specialize in over - the - counter (OTC) products in different therapeutic segments, and we aim to become a comprehensive OTC healthcare organization.

LifezenTM means “the ultimate state, life can be in”, and through our products offerings, we intend to inspire action to bring life into a state of Zen or Nirvana. This brand indentity runs through our entire corporate culture, right down to our brand logo, which is born from the confluence of Yin & Yang - the very cycle & force of life and an integral part of Zen teachings.

about lifezen


The guiding pillars of our philisophy are the key elements behind all of our business decisions and product offerings. We believe that it is essential to maintain a balance between actions and thoughts, offer products thats are genuine, high quality and offer value to our customers. We aspire to do things differently by being ahead of the curve in terms of knowledge, branding, marketing and decision making, while at the same time being responsive and sensitive towards our customer needs and the ecosystem we exist in.


While LifezenTM is a new brand, it is backed by the experience and expertise of strong and established brands which have proved themselves over the years.

Bal Pharma Ltd.

Lifezen is an ambitious healthcare and OTC products venture from Bal Pharma – a leading Indian Pharmaceutical company listed on the BSE & NSE with more than 20 years in the market. Bal Pharma specializes in promoting prescription drugs, generics, intravenous infusion and bulk actives, ayurvedic and herbal products promoters through its strong field force and distribution network of stockists.


LifezenTM is backed by Springboard, a renowned investment arm of the Times Group that transforms asset light businesses into dominant brands. Springboard is known for identifying the next big idea, partnering with equally driven, capable partners and creating joint ventures that will dominate the business they are in.

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