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10 Things to Stay Healthy & Beautiful - Women Health

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The title of this article probably made you wonder why healthy and beauty topics are mostly written for women. Its not true as there are enough content available for both men and women; however, women's health is always emphasised because she requires more care and nutrition due to physiological needs. Furthermore, women are more stressed than men and frequently ignore their health. She skips her meals during hectic day, forgets to hydrate herself. Similar to this, maintaining her appearance is crucial because she loves to be stunning at all times. That's why there are so many cosmetics and makeup products available.

Women are dynamic, they have their hands in multiple things. She can’t compromise on her dreams and wishes. In everything, balancing the demands of career, family, hobbies, and sometimes societal pressures to stay fit, taking care of skin, health, everything in a certain way can be quite draining for women. However, you as a woman make sure to put health above everything else, only then you can lead life successfully being healthy.

To help you to take better care of yourself, we have compiled 10 easy tips for fitness, immunity, strengthening and beauty. These tips are based on human biology and its function in harmony with nature. No matter what age you are, these 10 tips will help you stay fit and fine and fit.

#1. Start the day at your best

Starting a day with positive thoughts and practices can make your day better in many ways. Often, ladies get up with the alarm and rush to the kitchen. You can see a human whirlpool in the home. There are undoubtedly jobs waiting for you, but it is not healthy for you. In the long run you may face issues like anxiety, high blood pressure, issues with skin, hair fall, irritable bowel movement, thyroid, migraine, obesity, malnutrition and so on. If you start your day relaxed, you will be more active and productive.

A brisk morning walk, jogging, yoga, or if you have time, a good 45-minute workout is going to help you immensely. A short meditation of 15-20 minutes before starting your day is really transforming. Please avoid scrolling on your mobile phone after waking up; it's harmful for your mind, heart, and eyes. After a good warm-up of the body and mind, you should freshen up and eat a nutritious breakfast. Skipping breakfast can affect your body in many ways, it also weakens your metabolism and may cause you to gain weight. A nutritious plateful of breakfast can boost your day.

#2. Sleep and Nap

For an adult, 6-7 hours of sound sleep are a must. Sleeping too little or too much is not good. Sleeping for 7 hours but being disturbed is ineffective.Hence, try reading a book before bedtime, dimming the room light, or using an essential oil diffuser for easy sleep if you are struggling to get a sound sleep. If you have a hectic day, take power naps. Naps relax your mind and make you feel refreshed.

#3. Check your Mineral Requirement

It's not just calcium; women also need good amounts of iron, zinc, and magnesium. Please check if you are deficient in any of the nutrients. Accordingly, get proper nutrition through supplements and food. Tuskca Multivitamin is a popular multivitamin among Indian women looking to fill nutritional gaps. It has 27 essential nutrients, perfect for vegans.

#4. Be in a Friendly Circle

They say, “Good company can lead you to a good life”. Please check the circle you are surrounded with. A bad company can affect your life directly, better to stay away from negative people and have the company of productive and positive ones. A like minded friendly atmosphere can motivate you to do better in life.

#5. No overthinking, no over stress

One of the main tendencies of women is to take every little things seriously. Humans are blessed with many emotions, and all emotions are found in a bit more quantity in women. Thinking is good but overthinking is not good and it may stress you too. Every time you indulge in a thought, remind yourself that it's unnecessarily consuming your energy, time and focus. Distracting your mind to something productive, relaxing can help you slowly get rid of the habit of overthinking.

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10 habits for health & beauty

#6. Regular Checkups

Routine health checkup is always better even if you don’t have any sickness. Through regular checkups mapping of your deficiencies, infections or any hidden problem can be addressed. It also keeps you relaxed.

#7. Good Food Leads to Good Living

What you eat is what you become. Food has a crucial role in your life. You get energy to function from food. Food has its impact on your body and mind both. Avoid greasy, spicy, too much sugar and salt in your diet strictly if you really want to look beautiful and to be fit. Check the daily intake of nutrients. Women should be aware of nutrients and healthy ways of cooking for self and family.

#8. Exercise

We all know exercise is good for health but do we really do it with discipline? Exercise is not necessarily gym but it can be yoga, running, zumba or any vigorous physical activity. Everyday workout motivates you to stay fit, also it supports mental fitness.

Keeping an eye on BMI (Body Mass Index) is very important. Maintaining an ideal weight keeps lifestyle health issues away from you and also it enhances your personality. Stairs instead of elevators, gardening, playing with pets and households also helps you to stay active all day.

#9. Hydrate and Stay Calm

“Jal jivan hai”. The nature of water is cooling, clear and pure. so when you hydrate yourself with water or any healthy liquid it supports your overall well-being. It also helps you to stay calm. Lack of water makes you irritated and angry. Take sips in between your work and keep your body and mind calm. Its not just water to hydrate, but there are awesome nutritionally potent fruits like coconut water, natural fruit juice, detox water etc you can try in alternative days.

#10. Meditate for Mind

Keep the idea away that meditation is a tricky job, its boredom, staying away from thoughts or its for people who can concentrate. Meditation is for all and highly recommended if you are not able to focus, disturbed with thoughts and stressed. Meditation is a tonic for the mind and absolute solution to several mental, physical and spiritual health. Meditation is for everyone, all age groups. To start you can try guided meditation everyday for 10 minutes and slowly once you start enjoying you can do it for longer. Meditation helps foggy minds a lot. It helps you to stay focused, peaceful, healthy.

Reading good things, knowing them won’t help you anyway until you practice them religiously. Understand that you are most important and you deserve goodness. If you are happy, peaceful and healthy you can offer the same to your loved ones, and can effectively do your duties.


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