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3 Stretch marks myths, debunked in 3 minutes

Myth 1 : Stretch marks are only found in pregnant women

Vitamin E creams and cocoa butter can be advertised to pregnant ladies for stretch mark prevention, however they’re not alone in desiring to take steps to prevent those marks from forming in the first place. Often, stretch mark prevention is more common amongst pregnant ladies due to the fact they realize they’ll be gaining weight fast, that means their skin will need a few extra love and care because it stretches to accommodate their growing baby. However, women and men of every age are liable to stretch marks, mainly if the skin is missing in collagen or has been uncovered to extra UV rays, such as during tanning. While it’s extra hard to realize while women and men who aren't pregnant may also develop stretch marks, making use of Vitamin E moisturizers and following the fundamentals of sun protection will assist skin’s natural collagen production and elasticity.

Myth 2 : Stretch Marks Are Only Caused by Weight Gain

Weight gain is a common reason of stretch marks, however it isn’t the only one. Muscle building can cause an increased chance of growing stretch marks, specially among professional body builders. Likewise, modifications in the body all through puberty due to increase spurts can cause an expanded risk of stretch marks. Application of corticosteroid lotions also can have an effect on the skin’s collagen levels, leading to thinner skin and boosting the chance for scarring.

Myth 3 : Stretch Marks Are Forever

False. Stretch marks are scars, which means that erasing them completely and absolutely is hard and there isn't a magic cure. However, it also means there are numerous remedy alternatives available that may reduce stretch marks or improve their appearance.

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