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5 Interesting facts to know about your bones

We all know how important bones are in giving an overall structure, framework and support to our bodies, but there are some facts about bones that even the healthiest of us might not know!

Read on to see if you knew these 5 interesting facts about your bones:

  1. We Get New Skeletons – Our bone is essentially made up of a substance called collagen. Collagen keeps replenishing itself. As a result, after about every 7 years or so, we all get to have a completely new skeletal framework in our body!

  2. Teeth are Also Counted in Skeleton – Our teeth have almost the same composition as that of our bones. It has calcium, minerals but lacks collagen. Because of this, teeth have more flexibility and strength.

  3. Most Number of Bones – Although small in shape, the most number of bones are located in our hand and feet. Our hands, fingers and wrists contain a total of 54 bones!

  4. We Lose Some Bones – We are born with around 300 bones in our body but it eventually comes down to only 206! What happens is that some bones in specific parts of our body, like the skull, fuse together to become one.

  5. Funny Bone – The funny bone is actually not even a bone. It is the ulnar nerve, which runs inside our elbow and triggers a strange pain when triggered.

No matter how strange and interesting our bones might be, without proper nutrition and sufficient calcium, they are bound to decay over time. To keep your bones healthy, make Tuskca Calcium tablets a part of your diet.


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