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5 Vitamins and Minerals to Keep Your Immune System Healthy

There are many little changes we can do to your diet to keep our immune system healthy and support our body in fighting unwanted infections, which is especially important during the time of COVID-19.

Here are five important vitamins and minerals to keep your immunity in check:

  1. Vitamin A–Vitamin A has the power to strengthen both the innate immune system as well as the adaptive immune systems of our body. Carotenoids (a variant of vitamin A which is found in plant based foods) are a powerful source of antioxidants that help the body fight inflammation and improve immunity in the long run.

  2. Vitamin D - Vitamin D actually works like a hormone inside our body. It is crucial for our bone health and helps strengthening our innate immune system as well as our adaptive immune responses. Vitamin D has gotten a lot of attention and recognition lately due to its potential association with COVID-19 risk and it’s power in easing them.

  3. Zinc – Zinc is one of the essential minerals that must be consumed daily because our body cannot store it for long. Zinc improves our brain health, stabilizes hormone levels and of course, strengthens our immune system.

  4. Vitamin C - Vitamin C helps us in fighting and preventing common colds, boosts antioxidant activity in the body and helps in absorbing other important nutrients, like iron. It also enables our body to synthesize collagen.

  5. Calcium–Calcium is a mineral that is absolutely essential to lead a healthy life. It helps in building bones and keeping them healthy. Besides, calcium also enables our blood to clot, our heart to beat and our muscles to contract. However, we lose calcium from our body everyday through sweat, urine and hair.

Hence, it becomes important to supply our body with enough calcium on a daily basis. It is very hard to maintain a perfect diet which is rich in calcium; this is where Tuskca Calcium comes to the rescue. It is a tasty and convenient chewable calcium supplement with the added benefits of Vitamin D3.


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