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Five Foods to Increase Libido in Male and Female

Having a healthy sex drive can help one in feeling both physically and emotionally healthy. Our diet and lifestyle has a huge role to play in our level of libido. Here are five foods that increase libido in men and women:

  1. Oysters – Oysters have aphrodisiac properties because they have really high zinc content. Zinc increases overall blood flow in our body and thus also increases blood flow to our sex organs. The zinc present in oyster is very helpful for male testosterone levels. Lobsters, crabs and other shellfishes are also great sources of zinc

  2. Salmon – Although, salmon is mostly known for its benefit regarding heart health, it is also great for sexual health and increasing libido. Salmon is loaded with Omega-3, which prevents plaque build up inside the arteries, thus ensuring healthy blood flow throughout our body, including our sex organs. Tuna, sardines and other pink-fleshed fishes also help with the same.

  3. Seeds and Nuts – Walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans and peanuts are some of the popular nuts that are excellent sources of zinc and omega-3. These nuts coupled with seeds like sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds can boost your libido to a great deal.

  4. Apple – Apples have high amounts of a flavonoid type compound called quercetin, which promotes blood circulation, treats ED, and manages prostatitis symptoms.

  5. Beets – Beetroots have a lot of dietary nitrates which helps in increasing libido and boosts sexual performance. The vasodilation that it causes also increases blood flow.

The above mentioned foods can help with libido but it is really difficult to do it just with the help of diet. It is best to supplement the diet with Muslizen, which increases stamina and vitality in men and makes sure the libido stays high.


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