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Health Tips For Monsoon Stomach Problems

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Monsoon Famous Foods and Stomach Issues

This monsoon sabkuch khao, sabkuch pachao.

The rainy season is a favourite of many; it is pleasing. Looking at the rain is panoramic, but it becomes an onus to take care of health during the shift of seasons. After the dry, hot summer, the monsoon brings rain and also a host of diseases, infections, and allergies. The risk of foreign bacteria increases during rainy days. There are food options apt for the cooling weather, but you need to be careful to choose because during the monsoon your digestive system is a bit more tender than other times and the chances of water or food contamination become high, hence the increase in waterborne diseases. You need to take care to stay warm and safe from mosquitoes to avoid viral fever and dengue.

During this season keeping gut health is important to avoid digestive issues and to boost immunity against several infections. A clean and fit gut makes life easy. Many health problems like irritable bowel syndrome, gas, acidity, bloating, vomiting, weak immunity, diarrhoea are some of the health issues due to gut health disturbance.

Monsoon and Gut Relation

It is quite evident that your digestion is slow and your gut is vulnerable during monsoon. On a rainy evening you feel like binging on snacks, soup and the problems intensify because fast foods, sweets and snacks are tough on your digestive system. The change of season, humid monsoon makes your digestive system poor. Hence you need to be easy on your tummy. Ayurveda says, vata dosha is aggravated during this season and pitta too accumulates therefore you struggle to digest easily after a platter. Vata and pita need to be balanced for digestion to occur well.

Even the hospital beds go full during this season due to several health issues starting from GERD, vomiting, viral fever, dengue etc.

How to Protect complete Gut health

So what can you do to speed up your digestion? We'll talk about some important steps that are believed to heal all digestive problems and protect your gut health.

1. Drink enough good water

Hydration is important for a good digestion. Water has medicinal benefits. Dehydration obstructs digestion process and nutrients absorption. But make sure your drink is not contaminated as contamination is a monsoon threat.

2. Choose right food

The main player is the food you take. Avoid food that's heavy and hard to digest. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are a must to take. Choose vitamin C rich food to detox your body and boost immunity. Avoid gulping, chew your food properly for easy assimilation. Check that you are not consuming the wrong combination of food.

3. Probiotics are a must

Probiotics are a must need for gut health. These are good bacteria that support and promote overall gut health. Lifezen’s Wonderpro super probiotic contains five good bacteria that's essential.

4. Avoid junk food

To take it easy on your digestion, you should choose carefully what you eat. Avoid junk and fast food as much as possible and satisfy your urge with homemade snacks. Foods like rice, barley, wheat, pulses or green gram in the form of freshly cooked meals will help. Avoid stale food to refrain from stomach upset.

Other foods you must avoid during the rainy season are leafy vegetables, meat and curd. These foods slow your digestion down. If you want, you can consume buttermilk instead of curd.

5. Boost your stomach acid

Proper stomach acid levels are critical for the breakdown of proteins in the stomach. Stomach acid also destroys pathogenic bacteria that can lead to illness. For any digestive problem, ginger should be your go-to food. Ginger increases secretion of saliva, bile and gastric juices. It helps your body rapidly break down food and assimilate the nutrients. It can also fight gastric inflammation and is an excellent remedy for an upset stomach.

Say adieu to monsoon-related stomach problems with the above tips. Right diet and lifestyle changes may help improve your digestion.


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