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How Antioxidant Can Help Stretchmarks

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People don’t speak but Stretch marks are common, resulted from from weight changes and to pregnancy. They come on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and breasts. They appear in different colours pink, red, purple or white. There is no treatment that will get rid of stretch marks completely, however there are things you can do to help reduce their appearance and texture if followed rightly.

Skin and Stretchmarks

Your skin is constantly and directly exposed to stressful events and environmental factors such as solar radiation or pollution, both of which induce the generation of aggressive free radicals. Free radicals are harmful compounds that destroy the proteins of the skin, causing chemical and functional changes of the skin matrix. ROS, which is Reactive Oxygen Species, a molecule of Oxygen in cells may cause damage to DNA, RNA, and proteins, and may cause cell death. It also attacks and reacts with the skin cell molecules in the dermis, causing wrinkles due to the cross-linking of collagen and elastin. It reduces the self-repair ability of the skin. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds help eliminate ROS and free radicals. The antioxidant defense activity helps to enhance the preparation of the DNA.

The antioxidant property of Bioflavonoids works on molecular level in several studies. The antioxidant has to neutralize the reaction of ROS within cell molecules located in the dermis. Different antioxidant compositions are used in topical applications like creams, moisturizers along with many other ingredients for better penetration and as a combination to work at its best.

An efficient dermal antioxidant helps the skin to regenerate and revive.The main use of antioxidants in cosmetics are for its free radical-scavenging ability; also helps as antibacterial and wound-healing.

Let’s discuss some of the antioxidants that help stretch marks to fade away.


In scientific terms plant pigment means it is a bioflavonoid which possesses antioxidants properties. Bioflavonoids plant metabolite compounds responsible for the vibrant-color of many fruits, vegetables, and flowers.They can also defend your skin against the damaging effects of stress, pollution, and aging.

This bioflavonoid helps regenerate damaged dermal cells with its antioxidant property. Being an antibacterial it controls allergic reactions and stabilizes mast cells. The anti-inflammatory property safeguards the affected skin and gives soothing experience. Bioflavonoid helps in improving fibroblast that enhances elasticity of the skin, skin tone hence reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant with anti-aging and skin-regenerating properties. It's frequently used to conceal stretch marks and scars. Combining vitamin E with these essential oils, which also have skin-rejuvenating properties, may help your stretch mark treatment regimen.

It can penetrate your skin to strengthen the outer protective barrier and guard your skin against harmful damage. Vitamin E is moisturizing and soothing to skin, especially for sensitive or damaged skin. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin E is able to calm irritated skin and nourish dry skin.

Vitamin E promotes the production of collagen, a protein that’s responsible for the strength and elasticity of skin. Stretch marks are essentially microtears in our skin’s dermis. When tissue has been stretched beyond its abilities, stretch marks occur and that is why promoting skin elasticity and moisture are the best remedies for stretch marks, skin healing.

Vitamin A

Retinoids otherwise called as Vitamin A aids in the development of new skin cells and can help diminish the stretch marks. It improves the appearance of stretch marks less than a few months old. It is believed that Shea butter is also rich in vitamin A which increases skin elasticity. If Shea butter is used during pregnancy, there are high chances of reduced stretch marks. It keeps the skin hydrated and supple which accommodates the increase in weight and consequent skin stretching.

Lifezen Healthcare has brought you Inostretch a new concept of skin repair with bioflavonoids and other antioxidants. Clinically proven anti stretch mark cream formulated in France and used world over. Infostretch can be used for any kind of stretch mark, C-section scar and other surgical scar. The cream contains active ingredients along with vitamin E, shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil and many other supportive ingredients. No anti stretch mark cream can claim to vanish the mark completely in a short span of time, if they claim then it's fake. However, with proper skin care and a quality anti-stretchmarks cream definitely the mark can be lightened by regular use. Inostretch has the evidence after 56 days of application with significant results. It leaves the skin softer, smoother and less noticeable scar marks. It goes deep down the skin layer and heals from within.

Above all, know that you are beautiful even with marks and scars. Instead of stress, better and wise skin care can help you to get rid of these marks.


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