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How Probiotics Help with Weight loss

Our body has a host of different kind of bacteria – as strange as it sounds, not all such bacteria are bad for us. Probiotics are good bacteria that occur naturally in fermented foods like curd, yogurt or can be taken in the form of a supplement like Wonderpro.

Probiotics are well known for their function of breaking down food in our body and helping our immune system, but few know about the power of probiotics in aiding weight loss.

A scientific study done on some set of twins found that the siblings who were obese had less diversity of gut bacteria in their body compared to the siblings who were thinner.

Some scientific studies have also found that certain bacteria slows down weight gain in people and also reduce waist size. Other bacteria help in weight loss in general.

Probiotics help fasten our metabolism, which ultimately helps in weight loss. It boosts our metabolism by helping our body in – Making Vitamin K, fermenting fibers, making Vitamin B9, breaking down carbohydrates, making vitamin B7, absorbing iron, calcium and magnesium and also by making short-chain fatty acids. The short-chain fatty acids help our body in utilizing sugar and use the energy derived in a more efficient manner. These acids also make us feel fuller for a longer duration of time and reduces our appetite. Therefore, indirectly it helps in weight loss by reducing our calorie intake.

Our organs are surrounded by a layer of visceral fat and it largely impacts how our hormones work. This fat also leads to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that having healthy amount of probiotics reduces this visceral fat and thus helps in preventing obesity.

WonderPro will help meet all your Probiotic needs and not only help in weight loss but also ensure your overall health and immunity is in best shape!


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