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How to Get Faster Relief from Bloating

All of us have faced bloating at some point of our life. It is a very uncomfortable feeling and has the ability to ruin your entire mood! Bloating makes our belly look bigger and is often accompanied by pain and tenderness. It can be caused due to various factors such as poor digestion, a bad diet or hormonal fluctuations.

The following tips can help you get a faster relief from bloating:

  • Walking – Walking is the simplest way in which you can cure a bloating. If the bloating is not that serious, a quick walk of around 20 minutes can help you release the excess gastric pressure and reduce the bloating.

  • Avoid Overeating – Eating large portions of food for each meal can make you feel stuffy and bloated. Try to eat smaller portions for your meals. This will prevent the stuffy feeling and you will also be able to eat more frequently, which will prevent gas build up.

  • Food Allergies – Food allergies are often associated with bloating. Check with your doctor whether you have allergic reactions to some common food items such as lactose, fructose, eggs, or gluten.

  • Take Probiotics – The bacteria that produces gas in our intestine is one of the main causes of bloating. It’s important to maintain the level of good bacteria in our intestine so as to have good gut health. Probiotics like WonderPro help in that. Taking WonderPro daily ensures you have good gut health, proper digestion and improved immunity. It is the most sustainable method of curing and preventing bloating.


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