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How To Improve Your Vision: Naturally

f you ask a regular contacts lenses user he will tell you how inconvenient it is to use lenses day in and day out. Another alternative to get perfect eyesight is to get a corrective laser surgery, which aren’t full proof and are susceptible to complications. So what do you do if you don’t want either one of these? You turn to the natural methods of improving vision and power. We tried to come up with a few tips to help you improve, if not correct your eyesight completely

1.Eye Exercises :

It’s been said before, but we are here to remind you. Exercise can repair any muscle of your body. And same goes for your eyes. Exercising your eyes will tremendously improve your vision, help with dry eye and relieve strained eyes. Rubbing your palms to warm them and placing them on your eyes and slightly massaging them helps relieve stress from your eye muscle. Far focus and close focus eye exercises are also good at relieving your eyes from strain. Read more on exercises to improve your vision here.

2.Dietary Changes :

Another one of the most obvious points here is eating the right food for your eyes. Leafy greens are your eyes best friends. You can add supplements like omega 3 fatty acids which not only aid your eyes but your overall health. Non meaty protein sources like bananas, nuts, and avocados help keep your eyes healthy and thus must be incorporated in your daily diet. Maintaining a healthy diet is a key to improve your health.

3.Quit Smoking :

Quit smoking and discover better health. Voila! No surprises there. Estimates suggest that the 7000 chemicals that tobacco contains can cause over 18 eye complications. Take help from a medical practitioner or a psychiatrist and help your eyes from ageing prematurely.

4.Wear Sunglasses :

Harmful rays from sun can cause multiple eye problems. The dust and the dirt getting in your eyes can also cause your eyes to strain and become tired soon. Cataract, dry eyes etc are few of the problems that exposure can cause. Wearing sunglasses will provide a protective layer for your eyes thus reducing, if not completely eliminating the strain on your eyes. Get glasses that have UVA and UVB protection and wear them regularly while venturing outside, giving your eyes a little extra care.

5.Drink Water :

This remedy again comes as a no surprise. Tears glands that hydrate your eyes are made up of water. Hydrating your body and therefore your eyes is the ultimate key to keeping your eyes youthful and trouble free. Increase your water intake and consume at least two to three litres of water every day to help with dry eyes and other eye related troubles.

Always remember: your eyes are the most tender and vital part of your body. They require special care and attention which you should provide. Visiting a doctor regularly and getting your eyesight checked is a must. If the underlying cause and problem is not detected, it may worsen. Take professional help as and when necessary. Like your body your eyes needs rest too. Get at least eight hours of sleep regularly. Avoid spending hours straight constantly looking at a computer screen, take regular breaks. This will help prevent eyes from getting overworked and strained and thus help in improving your eyesight.


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