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How to increase bone Density?

The amount of bone mineral that we have in our bone tissues is known as the bone density. It is important to have a healthy measure of bone density in our body because it directly or indirectly impacts our overall health. With low bone density comes the risk of developing osteoporosis and osteopenia.

However, there are plenty of simple ways to improve and maintain your bone density:

  • Eating Vegetables – Vegetables not only increase our bone density, but also are a great source of vitamin C, which is essential in the production of bone-forming cells in our body. It has been found that eating more vegetables is especially beneficial for children and elder women for bone development.

  • Strength Training & Weight Lifting - It is no news that working out is good for us, but particular kind of exercises, like strength training and weight lifting, can be especially beneficial for our bone health. These forms of exercising help in the growth of new bones and also maintain our existing bone structure. It increases bone size, reduces inflammation and protects against bone loss, besides increasing our bone density.

  • Not Having a Low Calorie Diet - Diets that are extremely low in calorie can cause a host of health problems, along with reducing your bone density. Your diet should have enough calories to meet your daily needs and also have a balance of right amounts of vitamins, proteins, nutrients and fats.

  • Avoiding Substance Abuse – Substance abuse like smoking and drinking can increase the chances of early bone damage manifold. It is especially important to avoid substance abuse during teenage and young adult years.

  • Increasing Calcium Intake – The most important step in increasing and maintaining your bone density is keeping a check on your calcium intake. Calcium is the most important element in building your bone density. However, maintaining a proper diet with optimum amounts of calcium is extremely difficult and this is why so many people face bone problems. It is thus advisable to supplement your diet with Tuskca calcium tablets, which will help you attain your calcium intake goals.


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