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How To Manage Muscle Pain

Muscles are attached to bones and responsible for overall body movements in the day. Whether it is regarding bringing a curve to your lips (smiling) or performing hefty actions like jumping or running, muscles are the prime point for operating the body.

Did you know that there are 600 muscles all over the body? Which are responsible for supporting bones to perform the actions?

It includes all muscles that you can sense in your arms, legs, and back. These muscles stop their activity due to damage in the muscle fibers. Many times people struggle hard to understand the root cause of their pain.

Let us understand the cause of muscle pain in brief and ways to cure them.

Muscle Strain

Muscles are built by thousands of muscle fibers, which are firmly wrapped with each other. For instance: A person during push-ups would put more weight on his ankle. He would put more stress on his muscles to increase the number of push-ups. Putting more weight on muscles will tear the muscle fibers, causing trouble to supply oxygen to the cells. A person with muscle pain feels achy in the affected area and feels pain while moving the affected bone.

How to cure:

  • Apply ZenoPain Gel to the affected muscles. The gel contains sesame oil, which gives relief to severe pain.

  • A gentle massage can help the joints to cure fast and bring you back on track.

  • Let the affected area get rested for 2-3 days.

Note: Do not apply the gel to sensitive areas like the eyes, as it can damage your sensitive area.

Lack of sleep causes pain.

Lack of sleep decreases the pain tolerance in the body and causes an inability to perform body movements. When a person follows an abrupt manner of sleeping, the body reacts with severe pain. It also keeps the body lazy and sluggish.

How to cure :

  • Doctors recommend seven to nine hours of sleep for adults.

  • Practice sleeping on your back. Sleeping on your stomach can give pain to your back and neck.

  • Keep a soft pillow to avoid neck pain. When your neck is raised through the pillow, and stays at the same position for more hours, it can cause pain in your spine.

Avoid foods that trigger muscle aches.

Avoid Nightshade vegetable Foods like tomatoes, pepper, and even sauce made of nightshade vegetables: tomato ketchup, pizza sauce. It can impact your muscle ache. Besides that, avoid beverages containing high levels of caffeine that intensify your inflammation.

What to eat:

  • All non-veg enthusiasts start adding your favourite food(fish) to your weekly diet. It contains acids and has the ability to fight inflammation.

  • Omega-3 supplements are an alternative for people who are not fans of fish.

  • Leafy green vegetables: sprouts, kale, spinach work best for muscle ache and muscle pain.

  • Drink ginger juice for sore muscles.

Wrapping up :

Overstretching can cause muscle pain. Stay within your limits while performing any physical activity. Teary fibres or muscle cells cause muscle strain or sprain, causing pain and stuffiness in the affected area. Apply Zenopain gel to get rid of strain pain. Visit the LifeZen page to know more about our products and prices.


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