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How To Protect Your Eyes From Fireworks Safety Tips.

While the town is gearing up for Deepavali, it's also advised to exercise caution for the duration of this time. It is obligatory for mothers and fathers to live with their kids while bursting crackers. Many ocular accidents are reported each year, especially caused because of firecrackers. In fact, the eyes are the second one most common affected region after the arms and fingers. Some of the common injuries are resulting from sparklers and bombs alongside with ‘Chakra’ crackers, which additionally cause eye injuries.

Mode of Injury The severity of ocular harm can range from mild infection and corneal abrasions to retinal complications and open globe damage leading to ability to blindness. Chemical injuries are because of the chemical substances in the gunpowder blended in the crackers. The regular smoke can cause irritability and watering of eyes. Fumes, emanating from firecrackers, can also cause laryngitis and different throat infections. Necessary precautions want to be taken to keep away from such injuries. Contact lenses may also cause infection to the eyes, if uncovered to direct heat for a long time. So people wearing contact lenses need to be careful while bursting crackers.


Do not rub or scratch your eyes.

  1. Wash your eyes properly. In case of any irritation or foreign body in the eye, preserve the eyelids open and flush the eyes constantly with water.

  2. If a particle is huge or caught in the eye, do not try to eliminate it.

  3. Keep your eyes closed and visit the eye physician.

  4. If there's any chemical that has entered the eyes, immediately irrigate the eyes and under the eyelids, with water, for 30 minutes. Seek an eye physician right away Be cautious

  5. Always burst crackers in an open space, put on goggles, wash palms with clean water

  6. Children have to be supervised while playing with crackers. Never take any damage lightly; go to a physician and take expert help

  7. Keep a bucket of water and sand for accidents.

  8. Store fireworks in a closed field in a secure location, away from the reach of children

  9. Keep fireworks away from the face, hair and apparel

  10. Do not put on synthetic clothing while bursting crackers

  11. Maintain a distance of an arm’s length while lighting firecrackers, and at least 5 metres while watching

Take off your lenses before bursting firecrackers. Use a spare glass instead, that can shield your eyes in a better way. Defuse used fireworks nicely through soaking them in a bucket of water before disposal Always put on appropriate slippers to be able to shield from unintentional stamping of burnt crackers


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