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Know How Adaptogens Help Manage Stress and Hormonal Imbalance

Know how adaptogens help manage stress and hormonal imbalance
Ashwagandha, Tulsi and Brahmi

Today’s lifestyle, challenges and competition have multiplied the intensity of stress. Stress is of two kinds: good and bad. Good stress works as an impulse to put efforts into driving success, whereas bad stress, if not managed gives rise to anxiety and many other mental and physical health issues. Therefore, in this scenario managing stress has become a key priority for many individuals.

Taking short cuts or becoming dependent on addictive behaviors, such abusing drugs or alcohol or overindulging in caffeine, alcohol, or smoke are not the ways to manage stress; on the contrary, they exacerbate health issues. People are searching for natural solutions to reduce stress and enhance their general health as a result of increased awareness. Lifestyle changes and therapies can help, and one emerging trend that has caught the attention of health enthusiasts is the consumption of adaptogen-rich foods through herbs. These powerful ingredients are generally the flower, root, leaf and bark of a medicinal plant. They have been used for centuries in traditional medicine to help the body adapt to stress and promote hormonal balance. If you're looking to incorporate more adaptogens into your routine, this ultimate guide is here to help.

Understanding Adaptogens

Adaptogens are natural substances, such as a group of herbs that are known for their ability to help the body adapt to various stressors, both physical and emotional. These natural substances work by supporting the body's ability to maintain a state of equilibrium, promoting overall resilience and vitality. By incorporating adaptogens into diet, you may experience improved energy levels, better focus, mental stability, and a greater sense of well-being.

The mechanism is that adaptogens help alter the body’s response to stress, both environmentally and internally.There is an interesting fact about adaptogenic plants that they themselves survive in stressful conditions and have their own adaptation strengths and abilities, which they pass on to us. For example, ashwagandha, a famous ayurvedic herb and adaptogen, is highly drought-resistant and flourishes in extreme conditions and poor soil conditions in which other plants wouldn’t be able to survive the stress.

Generally, adaptogens are considered to be:

  • Nourishing: strengthens and flourishes the body.

  • Normalizing: balancing different bodily functions.

  • Non-specific: benefits to the body in multiple ways.

  • Non-toxic: safe to use in a normal dosage.

9 Top Adaptogen-rich herbs


Of all the adaptogens used in Ayurveda "ashwagandha" is arguably the most preferred and well-known. Also referred to as "Indian ginseng", it increases stamina and vitality. It is regarded as one of the best herbs for reviving health, boosting vigour and encouraging restful sleep as well as calm, balanced energy. It is very beneficial for balancing vata dosha and is particularly rejuvenating for both men and women. It has a strong affinity with the male reproductive system.


Brahmi is the preferred herb in Ayurveda for supporting enhanced mental clarity, attention, and focus. It is adored for its soothing impact, which calms the nerves and elevates the spirit. It is famous for increasing memory power hence advised for students.


In Ayurveda, tulsi often known as "holy basil," is considered a sacred plant. It works especially well with the respiratory system, promoting lung health and eliminating congestion. It is sometimes referred to as a sattvic herb since it encourages people who consume it to have a loving and caring outlook.


Shatavari is the recommended herb for women in Ayurveda. The translation of Shatavari is, "the one with 100 husbands," implying its ability to  strengthen the body and ability to increase fertility. It is also believed to soothe a hyperactive mind and heighten feelings of love and compassion. It is cooling and sattvic in nature.


Mucuna, commonly referred to as velvet bean, has a favorable effect on both men and women's neurological systems and healthy reproductive systems. It provides L-dopa, a necessary building block for the neurotransmitter dopamine, in a natural form.

Indian Gooseberry

Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is sometimes referred to as "the mother" since it boosts immunity and benefits the body and mind. It is a rasayana tonic that is high in antioxidants and supports the health of all the organs and systems in the body. It is particularly beneficial for digestive health, supporting healthy GI tract and stomach tissues and encouraging regular bowel movements.


Shilajit, a mineral pitch discovered in the Himalayas, is not a herb but rather an adaptogen. Its high mineral concentration benefits many of the body's tissues, particularly the urinary tract and reproductive system.It is traditionally known to balance the doshas and promote healthy ageing.


Moringa (Moringa oleifera), thanks to its high nutrient content, is beneficial to sleep, the heart, kidneys, liver, blood, and the pancreas.18 Moringa promotes optimum energy levels as well as tissue regeneration. Visit the moringa benefits page for more information on its nutritious composition and superfood designation.

How to Incorporate Adaptogens into Your Diet

There are numerous ways to incorporate adaptogen-rich foods into your daily routine. You can add powdered adaptogens to smoothies, teas, or soups, or even intake them as powder available in the market. Another option is to use adaptogen through supplements for a convenient and potent dose of these powerful ingredients. However, while taking these herbal supplements, you need to be careful about all the ingredients, the process of making them, and whether they contain steroids, heavy metals, or any other matter. These supplements are made by combining some of the herbs to deal with a particular issue in an efficient way. Like Muslizen herbal capsules for men. It contains nine herbs, including potent adaptogens that give strength and stamina and are helpful in concerns like fertility, premature ejaculation, etc. Muslizen capsules are 100% herbal, contain no metals or harsh chemicals, and are suitable for vegetarians.

Benefits of Adaptogens for Managing Stress

The key benefit of adaptogens is their ability to help the body adapt to stress and maintain homeostasis. By incorporating adaptogen-rich foods into your diet, you may experience reduced stress levels, increased energy, improved focus, and better overall resilience. These natural remedies offer a holistic approach to managing stress and promoting a sense of balance in your hectic life.

Through their effects on hormones and the endocrine system—more especially, the hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal glands, which regulate our hormonal and physiological reactions to stress—adaptogens aid in breaking this cycle of stress. When we force ourselves to the limit on every front, these are the systems that go into overdrive. Herbs having adaptogen qualities boost energy and assist the body in responding to stress by changing its course instead of reacting, allowing the hormone balance of endocrine systems to return to a healthy state. Because adaptogens are sensitive, they can set off opposing reactions to bring about the restoration of homeostasis.

Ayurveda acknowledges the power of herbs acting in concert; compositions combining multiple adaptogens, each with a specific affinity for a distinct part of the body, boost the overall effect.

Incorporating adaptogen-rich foods into your diet can be a game-changer when it comes to managing stress and improving your overall well-being. Whether you're looking to combat fatigue, reduce anxiety, or enhance your mental clarity, adaptogens offer a natural and effective solution. By exploring the world of adaptogens and incorporating them into your daily routine, you can take proactive steps towards achieving a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Remember, when it comes to managing stress, nature has provided us with a powerful ally in the form of adaptogens. Embrace these ancient remedies and harness their benefits to support your journey to a calmer, more resilient you. Let adaptogens be your allies in the quest for a healthier, more resilient you.


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