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Pain Management For Homemakers

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Generally people have a perception that physical pain, most injuries, only affect those who stay outdoors and work, people staying at home are safe. But the fact is people who stay indoors such as homemakers are also susceptible to numerous health problems, injuries and physical pain.

More commonly homemakers are women. The woman could be a wife, a daughter or a mother, engine that makes the household run smoothly. Without her, life is a mess.

Like an engine, homemakers should also get serviced once in a while. There are variations in the lifestyles of most people who fit this category.

The daily rigors of a homemaker are not to be underrated. If we just examine some of the common tasks we associate with homemakers, it is cooking, cleaning, errands, managing domestic help, and childcare are extremely labor and energy intensive. Constant attention to all things related to the home can physically wear anybody out, not to mention having to deal with it on a daily basis. Many of these activities are repetitive in nature and require continuous attention and observation.

“Home is where the heart is.” But sadly for homemakers, they get hurt at home. Indian homemakers encounter various injuries every day while engaging in household chores like cleaning, cooking and washing. The most common things happened to homemakers are sprain, back pain, cut and burns etc. We will discuss some serious and common ones.

Let’s highlight some generalities of where common issues can be prevented.


If you’re a tidy person, you wouldn’t mind spending half of your day cleaning the entire house. Here’s a small tip- go slow, take help of others if your cleaning duties include shifting heavy appliances and furniture from one place to another. There’s a high chance that you may end up with a sprain injury. Sprains occur when you accidentally twist your ligaments. A sudden fall also causes injuries. If you’re mopping the floor or cleaning the bathroom, there’s a fair chance that you may slip or lose balance. One must be cautious when working with water.

Back injuries

These are the most common types of injuries at home. Bending, lifting heavy things or an abrupt movement can strain your back muscles or ligaments leading to back injury. Many times a persistent, sharp stabbing pain, and hinder your usual routine.

Joint compression

Homemakers spend a considerable amount of time standing in the kitchen. Not only tiring but standing for prolonged periods for cooking or folding clothes puts pressure on your joints- knee joint, hip joint as well as those in the feet and the ankle. This leads to wear and tear of the synovial joints, eventually causing them to tear. In due course of time, you will find it difficult to move around and walk even a meager distance.

Body Pain

A very common problem for all homemakers. Shoulder pain, Knee pain, Back pain, neck pain and whole body pain often they get. During monthly cycle it becomes more hectic, if there is any festival or guest at home, then its moment of excitement and exertion too. The modern era cooking style is one of the major reason of getting swelling feet, back and leg pain, knee pain and some acute condition like varicose vein, sciatica etc.

Prevention and treatment

These problems can be prevented if you follow these steps-

  • Avoid overstretching, bending and twisting

  • Avoid lifting heavy weights. If possible, use a waist belt to keep away from traumatic injuries.

  • Keep your body weight in check. Mild exercises can help you with that, yoga is highly recommended for both body and the mind.

  • Maintain a healthy diet & add calcium supplements intake can help your bones get stronger.

  • Keep and use pain gel as and when you get a sprain, joint pain, back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain. Zeno pain is sesame oil based pain relief gel. The sesame oil penetrates deep and spreads well. Hence you get a instant relief from pain.

  • Physiotherapy is most preferred and effective choice of treatment for curing muscle injuries and joint inflammation is physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is a manual therapy along with mechanical force and exercise therapy to promote mobility.

In case you are suffering from acute pain must see you doctor and get treated. All homemakers do take care of you physical and mental health, as no one else will do that for you. Zeno pain with love and care for all you great home makers.


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