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Power of Punarnava: The Multi-facet Herb

Punarnava, Benefits of Punarnava, Punarnava for eye health

Punarnava is a herb that is extensively used in ayurveda. In English it is called Hogweed, and botany has named it Boerhavia diffusa. The word ”Punarnava” means Punar i.e. once again, Nava means new, on the whole meaning ”becoming new again”. The name itself is enough to tell the power of punarnava. It provides a wide range of health advantages. It is incredibly beneficial for the liver and guards against infections.

It is well known that patients with kidney stones, diabetes and arthritic conditions get benefit from punarnava but even many eye problems can be treated with Punarnava. In women it can cure women's fibroids, heavy menstruation, urinary tract infections, and clotting. In men it treats erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Therapeutic Uses of Punarnava

Punarnava has been used in Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times. Because of their therapeutic properties, all parts of the plant can be used in the development of various formulations, as follows:

1. The leaves have antibacterial properties that make Punarnava an excellent medicine to reduce bacterial infections.

2. The chloroform extract of the leaves of Punarnava can reduce blood glucose levels.

3. The aqueous form of root extract of Punarnava possesses good liver protective activity.

4. The leaf and stem extracts of Punarnava could be applied to oedema as they can soothe the inflammation and swelling.

5. Punarnava is an excellent medication for seizure.

6. The root extracts of Punarnava can stimulate the white blood cells and increase the tolerance to stress.

7. It helps reduce corneal (stromal) oedema, inflammation, and tortuosity of glands.

8. The herb can be used as a diuretic in kidney disorders.

9. The extract of Punarnava also helps soothe cough as it can act as an expectorant.

10. The root of Punarnava consists of anti-helminthic properties to remove intestinal worms and asthma.

Benefits of Punarnava

For Eyes

Because the eyes are among the most delicate organs in the body, they are susceptible to a variety of illnesses and infections at all times of day.

Conjunctivitis, night blindness, and other eye diseases and ailments can be treated using Punarnava root juice. It also helps with visual improvement. Punarnava can be used with other ingredients to treat a wide range of eye ailments. Corneal opacity, watery eyes, and itchy eyes are some of the other eye problems that can be treated. EyeSpa Ayur one of eye drops made with 17 Indian herbs including Punarnava. For a tired eye EyeSpa Ayur can be a best choice. To know more click here.

For Gastrointestinal Diseases

In ayurvedic medicine a formulation with punarnava is prepared to reduce the symptoms of malabsorption syndrome, worm infestation, inflammation, anaemia, splenic disease, and piles. There is another formulation that can help manage dyspepsia and other conditions of the abdomen or enlargement of the abdomen. It is also helpful in liver conditioning.

For Neuromuscular Disorders

Punarnava with other ingredients are used to relieve symptoms of neuromuscular disorders like sciatica; pain in calves, thighs, back, sacral, and bladder region.

For Respiratory Diseases

Punarnava is used to manage cough, breathlessness and asthma. The root of the plant is very effective in preparing both medications.

For Joints

Punarnava may help with rheumatism and gout symptoms. Many ayurvedic medicines made for joints and nerves contain punarnava.

Nature is the mother of all. She knows our body and accordingly has kept medicines to heal different health problems.


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