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Quick ways to Prevent getting back pain from Long Drives

Driving is mostly a cause for lower back ache, both upper and lower pain, and consequently the longer you are on the wheel you can get the extra intense pain.

But there are some ways to help relieve your spine and back pain while driving!

  1. Remove everything from your pockets, especially from your back pocket as it will affect your back position while sitting for a long time.

  2. Make sure to remove the extra things like coats , jackets etc which are heavier while driving.

  3. Make sure you adjust the steering wheel comfortably and should be easy to reach. Don't stretch forward as it can put pressure on your Lower back. Your wrists have to be prepared to rest effortlessly on the steering wheel while your shoulders are pressed back on your seat.

  4. With your shoulders pressed towards the seat this could help you stay up straight and also you have to alter your seat simply so your knees are barely above your hips.

  5. If you've got lower back pain, Lumbar support helps the good posture on your lower back while driving. You may use a cushion or scarf or a consultant's help, anything works in your kind of pain.

  6. If your vehicle has control , use it and place each foot flat at the floor while you can. If your vehicle functions a foot rest, use it and test out to position your foot flat thereon.

  7. While travelling, plan for the 30 mins break, get out of the car and stretch which will circulate the muscles

  8. Heat pack or cold pack relieves your back pain . Keep a Warm bottle on your lower back when you plan for a long journey.

  9. If you have heated seats, flip them on due to the fact the heat can assist loosen up muscle tissues and relieve pain.

  10. Also, If the tyres have low profile, then consider changing it to the aspect ratio of the tyre which absorbs the humps and lumps easily, giving the back and spine to be in position comfortably.

  11. Lastly, some other factor you may do is get your shock absorbers examined and verify they aren’t worn and don’t want replacing.

For a quick relief you may always use pain relief gels like ZenoPain and many other in the market this helps to give you a fast relief from your pain.


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