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Roles of Vitamin D and Calcium in Sports and Athletes

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of those elements that play a crucial role in an athlete’s overall health and as a result, his performance. It also impacts his training sessions and make them more productive. Most athletes are required to go through regular nutritional assessments or checkups, and Vitamin D should always be an important factor that must be checked during such assessments. A blood vitamin D concentration of >75 nmol/L but preferably >100 nmol/L must be maintained by athletes.

“Suboptimal” vitamin D status can be related to increased risk for acute illness, inflammatory injury, stress fracture, muscle pain and suboptimal muscle performance. Athletes with a history of such issues should undergo vitamin D status assessment.

Only a proper diet seldom meets the requirement. Enough exposure to sunlight should be maintained and a healthy diet should be supplemented with Tuskca, which is one of a kind calcium supplement with added benefits of Vitamin D.


Calcium is essential for healthy bones, teeth, muscle contraction, stable blood pressure and secretion of hormones, to name a few. All these functions become especially important if you are an athlete. If you are training high intensity, are required to be on a caloric deficit or a vegetarian diet, keeping a check on your calcium becomes all the more important, whether you are preparing for the next marathon or training for the ongoing season.

Studies have shown that female athletes who train more than seven hours per week are at greater risk of developing osteoporosis due to excessive training. Excessive exercise with insufficient calories to meet training demands can cause hormones to drop, interfering with bone formation and inevitably sport or exercise performance.

The recommended intake for adults is 1000-1500 mg of calcium per day. But this is difficult to achieve only through diet, especially because athletes lose a lot of calcium when they sweat during physical activities.

Tuskca Calcium is a must for athletes who are trying to maintain their calcium levels and give their best performance.


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