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Say Goodbye to All Common Eye Problems: Ease Your Eyes with EyeSpa

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EyeSpa Ayur for Multiple Eye Problem

Eye strain, dry eye, or eye pain, headache can be caused by prolonged visual activity like gazing at mobile or computer screen, lack of sleep, long drive and any other activity that may demand the eyes to sustain for long time.

There are a lot of factors that could affect your eyesight and eye health. Aging process, health conditions like diabetes and hypertension, migrain, even genetic can be a reason. However, there are also a lot of ways you could do to improve and maintain the health of vision by consuming vitamins for eyes such as consuming foods high in vitamin A, maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you are finding difficult to keep your eyes open for long time, getting burning in the eyes, red eyes bothering you and dry eyes making you worried, don’t worry. Your eyes are tired and they need rest and some eye care routine. In following paragraphs get to know the symptoms and reasons behind eye fatigue. Rejuvenate your eyes with best Indian herbs.

Common Eye Fatigue


Common symptoms are;

  • Watery or dry eyes

  • Blurred vision

  • Headache

  • Burning or itching eyes

  • Neck and shoulder pain

  • Photophobia, increased sensitivity to light


Common causes of eye strain are;

  • Long and continuous screen time

  • Reading for long hour and reading in dim light

  • Driving long distances for a long time

  • Being exposed to bright light

  • Having an underlying eye problem, such as dry eyes or refractive error

  • Stress and work load

  • Being exposed to air from a fan, a heating system or an air-conditioning system

Five Indian Herbs Best For Every Eyes


Honey sweet honey has unlimited benefits. It’s anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties make it a surprisingly effective treatment for several eye conditions. Honey, can be mixed with water, coconut oil, or jojoba oil and applied around your eyes to tighten skin and fade off wrinkles. The other benefits of honey to eye are; dry eye, keratoconjunctivitis, pink eye, blepharitis.

All of the following home remedies for eye conditions involve mixing speciality-grade honey like locally sourced or honeycomb with sterile saline drops and applying the mixture topically in your eyes or on your skin.


Punarnava is a medicinal plant packed with essential nutrients, vitamins such as vitamin C, and other constituents. Punarnava is very effective as a liver cleanser. Along with many benefits, punarnava is magical for eye health too.

Punarnava leaves juice can be mixed with honey and applied to the eyes to manage chronic ophthalmia and cataracts. The eye ailments like corneal opacity, watering eyes, and itchy eyes can be relieved with punarnava.


Bhringaraj is a popular Ayurvedic plant used as an effective home remedy in India for centuries. Apart from benefitting hair health, it helps in numerous ways. It is good for the skin and also helps in dealing with respiratory problems. The potent Chakushya ( as per Ayurveda chakshushya the practices which are wholesome or beneficial to eyes or vision) properties of bhringaraj make it extremely beneficial for improving the eyesight.


Jethimadh or mulethi is the local name of liquorice. Mulethi has many benefits for eyes. Mulethi contains powerful flavonoids, packed with antioxidants, natural solution to cataract, helps Inflammation in eyes, improves eyesight. Mulethi Contains ISL (Isoliquiritigenin). Isoliquiritigenin is a compound that has essential role in suppressing the angiogenesis or the abnormality in the blood vessel of the retina.


Triphala restores antioxidant enzyme. Triphala is widely used in ayurveda and naturopathy for eye cleansing. Triphala is known to be helpful in improving eyesight.

Eyes are very precious. Routine check up, eye care practices can keep you away from eye diseases. Lasik eye surgery has become very normal but its always better to use natural remedies to heal. It is also cost effective. However, it needs discipline. Artificial tears are general advised for dry eyes where as you can use a multi-purpose eye drops available over-the-counter.

EyeSpa Ayur eye drops is a solution to many common eye problems and to maintain a good eye health. It is made with potent Indian herbs like mulethi, honey, bhringaraj, triphala and punarnava and many other. Two drops a day is enough to combat many eye problems.

We forget how much we use our eyes and how they are exposed to stress, pollution, and work. If you are really not engaged in anything but just thinking something, keep your eyes closed and let only your brain work while your eyes get some rest.


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