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Skin Care Tips For Mothers

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Skin-to-skin Contact (Image Credit: Shutter Stock)

A mom is always perfect. If you are a mother or mom-to-be, feel the perfection and greatness within you for having the privilege. Motherhood is a journey. The mother-child connection starts with an umbilical cord and stays special forever. They are connected emotionally and also biologically forever. We believe this journey should be well taken care of in all ways through good mental health, nutrition, skin care, and hygiene.

Babies love skin-to-skin contact. Your poor skin can affect babies' experiences. After becoming a mother, you are all busy, and there is no me-time, but there is just you-time. A homemaker, a mother, is busy all the time nursing and nourishing every member of the family. Naturally, it becomes difficult to maintain a skin-care routine. Read on to know how you can regain your skin in all its former glory.

1. Have Everything Organized at it’s place

The best way to keep things short and sorted is to keep things organised in the bathroom and near your vanity. Keep exactly the products you need and keep them in order. Also, be careful about fresh towels and underwear. Make sure hygiene is maintained without compromise.

2. Make a routine matching your work

There are two things that cannot be missed: cleansing and moisturising. Include your skin care regime in your daily schedule. Cleaning the skin includes not only the face but the entire body. You can use separate products for the facial skin and the rest of the body, but cleansing the facial skin is vital. Proper exfoliation cleanses and enhances blood circulation. You can do it twice a day, both morning and evening. After cleansing, moisturise your face and body with good-quality moisturiser or oils, and you are ready to go.

3. Use Antistretch mark cream

Stretchmarks and scars are the biggest concerns for every woman, whether they are due to pregnancy, weight loss, or a scar from a c-section. However, you don’t need to worry about it because it can be resolved with the right anti-stretchmarks cream. Please be careful about the ingredients. See if your products have more natural or plant sources. You can also try Inostretch Anti-stretch Mark Cream for any kind of stretchmarks or scars from surgery. It contains plant rutin, a plant extract; green beans; Shea butter; coconut oil; vitamin E; sunflower seed oil; and peptides. You shouldn’t wait for the marks to appear; anti-stretchmarks creams can be applied at the places where stretchmarks are expected during pregnancy and also postpartum for effective results. Inostretch is very mild and safe to use, even during pregnancy.

4. Be Mindful Of Your Nutrition and hydration

Understand that your skin looks its best when you are fed nutritious food. Drink lots of water and eat healthy foods to avoid several health challenges and maintain healthy, bright skin. Keep a reminder to drink water throughout the day and eat foods that contain lots of natural antioxidants, such as leafy greens like spinach, kale, lettuce, and broccoli. Fruits you can pick are citrus fruits, berries, pineapple, and fish.

5. Have Products On Hand When you have no time

There will be days when you simply do not have time to wash your face. On those occasions, keep the best wipe for your skin type and an all-in-one moisturiser for your PM skin care routine.

6. Stay happy and uplift mood

Stress or anxiety is never good for anyone, and especially for mothers, it's way too harmful because only a happy and fit mother can raise a happy and fit baby. Know that it's all natural and normal. Praise yourself for this privilege. Keep calm and enjoy every bit of this journey. Meditation can be very helpful during pregnancy and afterwards. Postpartum depression in mothers is common; spending quality time with the baby and family can help the mother.

With these six skin hacks for all moms, we hope you’ll be able to fit in some skin care even when there is little time.


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