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Stamina Vs Endurance. How can you improve both

Stamina” and “Endurance” are essentially used interchangeably. However, there are few technical differences between them that are important to note.

Stamina is the mental and physical capacity of sustaining an activity for a long period of time. Stamina refers to being energetic while doing a strenuous activity.

Endurance refers to body’s capacity to sustain any activity for an extended period of time. Endurance consists of two parts, namely, cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance. Cardiovascular endurance is when heart and lungs fuel the body with oxygen. Muscular endurance is when muscles work continuously without getting tired.

Both are clearly very important for us and there are some ways that we can improve both. They are as follows:

  • SAID Principle - SAID stands for Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands. It essentially means that your body can adapt to the specific type of exercise or routine that you regularly perform. SAID helps greatly in building an effective workout program that can increase both stamina and endurance.

  • Overload Principle – When we gradually increase the volume and/or intensity of our work outs, it is known as the overload principle. It is usually done by slowly increasing the speed, the duration and the weight.

  • Meditation/Yoga – The more relaxed our mind and spirit is, the easier it is to concentrate on high intensity activities and give our best. Including a 15-20 minute session of meditation or calming yoga is a great practice.

  • Hydration – Staying hydrated during intense activities becomes a task, especially during hot or humid climate. It is important to carry water with yourself all the time and take continuous sips. For particularly demanding days, electrolytes may also be carried.

Stamina and endurance is required in our day to day activities and become extremely important during sexual activities. It is important to keep yours and your partner’s stamina and endurance in check to get a satisfactory experience. Muslizen is the easiest way to ensure that in the most natural and convenient way.


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