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Stretch Marks: Facts and Myths

Stretch marks are slightly lower linear stretch marks of varying length and width that can appear on certain parts of the body under conditions such as pregnancy, obesity, and puberty. This is because the skin has been too tight for a long time.

Here are some Myth and facts on Stretch marks :


  • You should be pregnant to get Stretch marks.

Stretch marks happen in view of, without a doubt, you've gotten it. As needs be, they are presumably going to shape each time that a quick and silly weight change expands the skin. Strength, working out, and customary immaturity advancement splashes are likewise inclined to leave you with Stretch marks as pregnancy.

  • Stretch marks simply happen to women.

Perhaps women protest about them more, and truly, a greater number of women than men end up having Stretch marks (better trust it, this current one should do with the whole pregnancy thing, I'll yield). However, various men pass on stretch marks too some put on their body, by and large due to either pubescence improvement or outrageous planning. The usage of steroids to construct mass may moreover make you bound to encourage Stretch marks.

  • Weight decrease will fix Stretch marks.

It looks good, figuratively speaking, since the Stretch marks displayed up due to outstanding weight obtained, anyway the hopeless truth is, you won't thus discard stretch marks once you lose that weight. At the point when the tear has been made inside the dermis, there is no fixing that

  • Slim people don't get Stretch marks.

This typical confused judgment is that thin people don't have Stretch marks since the engravings are related to weight obtained. Regardless, that is bogus; pitiful people are also inclined to get Stretch blemishes because of youthfulness or muscle improvement.


  • Stretch marks are hereditary.

Incredibly, the likelihood of you getting Stretch marks is directly related to the characteristics you've procured from your begetters. So on the off chance that you're worried about getting pregnancy tiger stripes and your mother/more prepared sister/grandmother had them, then it is entirely conceivable you'll get them, too.

The terrible truth is that paying little mind to the proportion of cream you use or how hydrated you keep your body, expecting it is written in your genetic characteristics, you'll in all probability get Stretch marks (sorry!).

  • More young moms have more potential outcomes of getting Stretch marks.

It's odd considering the way that you expect that it ought to be a contrary way around. Regardless, no short of what one examination that we think about has shown an undeniable relationship between pregnancy-related Stretch marks (striae gravidarum) and more young expecting mothers. So in case you thought you were shielded from getting pregnant energetically since, you know, your body's making more collagen, and truth be told, your skin is more adaptable, reevaluate.

  • Drinking a ton of water reduces Stretch marks.

In other words, you should drink a ton of water at this point, since it helps keep your entire body in authentic working solicitation, similarly as it supports skin prosperity. Water is clearly related to the appearance and state of your Stretch marks since some piece of the water is, clearly, used to hydrate the skin from the inside. Besides, again, the more hydrated skin is, the less genuine the Stretch marks.

Tip: You should drink 2.5 liters (or a huge piece of a gallon) of water every day to stay in top condition.


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