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Understand How Safed Musli And Herbs Help Virility

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There are few topics that are very natural and general but people hesitate to, the reason being getting judged. Though it silently trouble us, disturb our life and mental health we don’t speak. The main issue rises when we try finding it on a generic platform like Google and get into overthinking, experimenting and creating new problems. Similarly erectile dysfunction and related issues are not spoken widely as it should be. The reason being it is a very common problem among men irrespective of their age and geographical presence.

It is observed in many cases man missing his morning erections, it is fine if happens rarely, but if its happening frequently, definitely there is a persisting reason. Generally, it happens due to disturbed lifestyle, un-timing routines, unhealthy food habits, too much of alcohol consumption, smoking and work load. People feel ashamed of their erectile problems and linger it for long. They feel guilty for inability to satisfy their partner. Still they are reluctant to visit a doctor.

The danger side of this story is people start believing and taking Sildenafil tablets like Viagra. No doubt it gives instant high-feel and power but even its a fact that it has number of side effects like, dizziness, headache, upset stomach. If taken frequently you are going to face some major issues like blurriness in vision.

Let’s look out for something healthy, effective and having bonus benefits.

Herbs and it’s way

We all know herbal means goodness. The modern era has got everything as organic, herbal , natural. Businesses are using the ancient techniques as USP. Due to the rare availability, cultivation, manufacturing processes involved and importantly for high demand the quoted price for such products are sky-high. They get a good business, here the irony is people tend to buy these extra expensive so called herbal products without hesitation. But, a smart buyer would check for details, ingredients and do the research on other similar products available in the market in a better price with equal or better benefits.

Coming to the topic, herbal products are those which has major part of it made up of herbs. There are certain products that are 100% herbal like Muslizen, vitality and stamina, veg capsules, free from heavy metals.

In modern technology, the herbal products are picked from healthy plants, cultivated under right weather condition. The herbs collected are leaves, flowers, seeds, roots certain scales, fruits of the plant. The manufacturer make sure that the collected ingredients are properly cleaned, checked and processed without loosing it’s benefits.

If its a pure herbal product it will take time to work in your body and to show results. Nature works in that way, slow and steady. Herbal products not only works for the issue you are taking it for, but you get all the other benefits that each ingredient has git in it.

So if you are taking or planning to go for a herbal product, you need to have patience and faith. Generally, herbal products don’t put you in trouble by reacting or with side effects. They don’t have any expiry date, even if it is written on the package. However, it may loose its power over time.

What is Safed Musli

The nature has given solutions before we rose the problem, nature is obviously smart and kind to all creatures. Lands across the globe has numerous varieties of plants, herbs and trees. And it is believed that every plant has some medicinal significance. But India is the country where scholars to understand herbs and its benefits were born, history is says it all.

Safed musli (Indian Serpent plant) is a plant seen in Indian land, also famous as ‘white gold' or 'divya aushad' in Indian systems of medicine. Safed Musli or Swet Musli is a rare plant. Ancient times have used Safed musli for several problems including Erectile dysfunction and Premature ejaculation.

Safed musli has powerful aphrodisiac and adaptogenic effects. Therefore, this herb can benefit you in several types of healing remedies and is particularly very beneficial for male sexual-related problems. In general the herb safed musli is helpful for any human for different things, it has usefulness for both men and women. However, we will discuss its benefits for Men virility.

This topic includes erectile dysfunction, Libido, premature ejaculation, sperm count, anxiety and depression.

Safed Musli & ED

Safed Musli is used in Vajikarana Chikitsa comes in Asthanga Ayurveda, a treatment for sexual dysfunction. It plays an important role in curing conditions like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction giving you stamina, energy, nourishment.

Safed musli improves the most important sex hormone testosterone levels. Testosterone helps in enhancing blood circulation to the genitals for better and sustained erections.

Safed Musli & Libido

Libido means Sex drive, stress & imbalance of sex hormones is one of the most common reasons for libido. People working under stress often face reduction in their sex drive.

Safed musli generates strong aphrodisiac effects that help in reducing anxiety & stress and stimulate the sex hormones increasing the libido.

Safed Musli & Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a state when the person is not able to have endurance, the erection for longer time during intercourse and the early semen ejaculated. There are many reasons behind premature ejaculation such as stress, hormonal imbalance. Safed Musli improves the testosterone levels, increases stamina and energy levels.

Safed Musli & Sperm Count

Safed Musli has spermatogenic (substance that helps in stimulating Spermatogenesis, producing sperms) properties.

Therefor Safed Musli helps in treating many sperm count related issues such as hypothermia (low volume of semen), oligospermia ( low sperm count), teratozoospermia (abnormal sperm shape), and asthenozoospermia (Sperm motility) and boosts spermatogenesis.

Safed Musli & Stress

Anti-stress properties of Safed musli, extremely useful in treating different types of psychotic problems like depression, anxiety and stress. The serotonin hormone level stays under control.

As a Combination

If you Safed Musli is combined with a few more herbs such as Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Moringa, Indian goose berry, nutmeg, velvet bean the virility will improve and this combination will also help you in curing premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Safed musli plays a major key role in increasing vitality and stamina in men.

To know more about this combination including the properties of all the additional herbs read about Muslizen, for vitality and stamina, 100% herbal, Veg capsules, free from heavy metals.


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