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Vitamin C Supplements Vs. Serum For Skin Health

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Vitamin C supplement Vs. Vitamin C Serum

What works better on skin - topical application of Vitamin C serum or taking Vitamin C Supplement? It may not be a very famously asked question but definitely a common thought to many skin concerned minds. There are many vitamins that can be taken orally and even have topical application. From a scientific perspective some of the common supplements that can be applied topically and consumed orally like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E.

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C in a form of L-ascorbic acid is an essential component of skin health as an antioxidant, a critical factor for collagen synthesis and amplifies brightness to your skin. Vitamin C is essential for photoprotection, reduces UV damage, and aids in wound healing. Topical vitamin C application appears to be a very effective method of delivering L ascorbic acid to the skin. The key aspect of L ascorbic acid is the crystals are taken up by skin cells readily at an acidic pH below 3.5.

Alternatively, Vitamin C is used in topicals and are now available in a moisturising lightweight oil base. They are added to sunscreen lotions, moisturizers, day cream, face wash and as serum. Vitamin C contains high anti-aging properties. Topical application helps removing fine lines, wrinkles and marks. It helps combat hyperpigmentation and dark spots left behind from prior acne.

Vitamin C Supplement

There are a variety of vitamin C supplements on the market. Lifezen’s Tuskca Vitamin C is one of the best Vitamin C supplements made from Amla extracts for fighting internal free radical damage, strengthening your immunity. Tuskca Vitamin C also contains mineral zinc which helps in immune system and metabolism function. Zinc is also important to wound healing and your sense of taste and smell.

According to data, taking vitamin C orally in amounts high enough may be useful in preventing UV free radical damage and promoting skin healing.Besides, immunity, skin health, lowering high BP and from risk of chronic disease Vitamin C supplements are beneficial because they help prevent iron deficiency and importantly if you are a vegetarian so it helps better absorb iron from meat free foods. Also in regards to memory, most people with dementia had low vitamin c levels. Hence, studies show that Vitamin C helps in keeping your memory afresh.

What’s Best?

Overall, the most conclusive clinically proven results for visible skin improvement is seen in topical ascorbic skincare over supplements. We suggest to ensure you have a diet rich in natural sources of vitamin C (fruits and veggies) and ensure adequate levels of iron and vitamin E are consumed.

Consume a balanced diet with minimally processed food, coupled with quality supplements as required. Combine this with a good skin care regimen to address it from inside and out.

Taking cheap vitamin supplements won’t help you effectively. To see results effectively go for a quality Vitamin C supplement. You can’t compromise on your health and looking best. Vitamin supplements daily are for general well-being. Definitely alongside you need a healthy diet of fresh fruit and veggies, seeds, yoghurt, good fats and protein.


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