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Ways To Handle Pregnancy Stress

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Motherhood is a beautiful journey that also goes through bumpy roads. A mom-to-be goes through days when she may experience every possible emotion. And one of the most common feelings that many expecting mothers tend to experience throughout their pregnancy is stress. Stress about the new baby, stress about bodily changes, stretchmarks, preparations for the baby’s arrival, stress about life changes, responsibilities, and so on. While it’s normal to experience these emotions, prolonged stress during pregnancy isn’t good for both the mother and the baby. In fact, high levels of constant stress can even make pregnancy symptoms worse, such as depression, weight gain, thyroid problems, or even high blood pressure. Finding ways to manage stress is important for all mothers—here are a few stress-reducing tips to try.

Check your breath and breathing exercises

Deep breathing help to get extra oxygen into the lungs, which in turn helps muscles, organs, and brains feel relaxed. But do we really focus on our breathing? Breathing exercises (Pranayama) and meditation are great things to do. There are specific breathing exercises you can practice with the right teacher before trying them. Keep focusing on your breath and see if it is long and relaxed.

Eat right

Eating right means keeping balance! Remember that it’s about two lives: yours and the life inside, so ensure that you get a good mix of healthy foods and plenty of water. Good nutritional food can help you and your baby get the nutrients required and feel good and strong, both physically and mentally. You must not forget to take your prenatal vitamins. Calcium, vitamin D, iron, and other prenatal vitamins are essential.


While some pregnant ladies fall asleep at the drop of a hat , sleep doesn’t always come as easily as pregnancy progresses. Your body is going through a lot, and not getting enough rest can elevate levels of stress. At least have 7-9 hours of sleep a night. A calming bedtime ritual might help you quiet your mind before you go to sleep—some suggest a warm shower, a cup of herbal caffeine-free tea, some healing fragrance, calming music, and little to no screen time.

Move your body

Daily exercise releases a hormone in the body called endorphins, which known to improve mood and even relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. You can try pregnancy workout or yoga postures, walking for good health and easy delivery. Its recommended to get fresh air, it can help ease your mind and boost those endorphins.

Share and let go

Keeping things inside is not good for anyone, and not good at all for new moms. When you are not able to handle sharing your feelings or worries with someone else can take some of the weight off of your shoulders. Talk to other pregnant women or mothers—they’ll be able advice about what worked to relieve stress during their own pregnancies. You can also write out your thoughts keeping a journal, making a list of the things you’re grateful for, or writing to-do lists. Writing is healing.There are communities to guide, you may join any of the community of your choice.

Don’t worry about skin and physical changes

You need to accept the fact that life is growing inside you and that your body and skin will change. The changes are not permanent, provided you get good care beforehand. A balanced diet, workout, and yoga before, during, and after pregnancy and postpartum can help you manage weight. While skin care regimens and anti-stretchmarks creams can keep you safe from rashes and stubborn stretchmarks. Skin experts recommend starting to use anti-stretchmarks creams during pregnancy and postpartum to fade stretchmarks and c-section surgery marks easily. If your stress feels unmanageable, or you’re worried about your own or your baby’s health, speak to your partner, family or doctor. Love the journey and embrace every moment with consciousness.


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