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Who Is More Prone To Stretchmarks!

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Image showing the three layers of skin. Inostretch penetrates to each layer & heals.

Stretchmarks are a silent stress to many women. Though men also get stretch marks, the level of botheration is not more than women. Studies say, 90% of women experience stretch marks at some point during their lives and some men experience them, too. However, still it's not known how remaining 10% and most men seem to dodge such a common occurrence!

Every skin would get stretch marks. The question is which skin type tends to get stubborn stretch marks. And how one can avoid getting stretch marks and treat existing ones.

The reasons behind stubborn stretch marks: Its skin or something else?

Stretch marks, medically called as striae, are the streaks on the skin mostly appear on the abdomen, thigh, breast, upper arms, buttocks and calves. Commonly these marks are white but usually start out pink, red or purple and then fade to white and with time it stays as a scar.

Skin types are either oily, dry, normal, sensitive and combination. Stretchmarks can appear to any kind of skin, however the depth and appearance may differ. The rigidity of the stretch mark depends on the cause, tenure & treatment taken. Let’s discuss the major reasons behind stubborn stretch marks.

Weight gaining/loss

If you have fluctuating weight issues like gain and lose weight frequently, your skin is more likely to develop stretch marks. Normal skin usually is elastic and able to bounce back into place due to collagen level, the protein that forms your skin's connective tissue. When it is overstretched or forced to grow rapidly, collagen production is disrupted, causing stretchmarks (Soure: LiveStrong). If you maintain a proper weight as per your gender, height and age, your skin is less likely to develop stretch marks.

Skin Type

Healthy, well-hydrated skin is more elastic than dry skin. Stretch marks are less likely to appear if your skin is moisturised, as your skin can adapt to changes in your body weight and shape more easily. If you are prone to stretch marks, make sure you use a anti stretchmarks cream like Inostretch after you shower every day to help seal in moisture. A nutritious diet, with plenty of antioxidants like vitamin A, C, E, selenium are to help protect your skin. You may try taking vitamin supplements like Tuskca Multivitamin or Tuskca Vitamin C.

Genetic Factors

Your genetics, particularly skin shade, skin thickness and family history, play a factor in whether your skin is prone to stretch marks. It is seen, people with darker complexions are more likely to develop stretch marks than people with lighter complexions. Maybe the dark skin tone makes the stretch marks more visible. In addition, if any of your parents is prone to stretch marks, you are more likely to get them.

Your Age

Collagen and other tissues that keep your skin supple start diminishing as you age. This implies that your skin actually stretches out more easily when you are young and decreases your risk of getting stretch marks. However, in other way young skin with more collagen, fat and supporting tissues is more prone to stretch marks. Fortunately, young skin will heal stretch marks more quickly, fading them from stubborn ones to lighter almost invisible lines. However, it depends on consistent care and attention.

Prevention & Treatment

You can prevent stretch marks through maintaining a healthy weight, moisturising skin daily, and a good diet. Habit of drinking plenty of water helps skin stay moisturised. To remedy this, massage your sensitive areas, using a skin-softening lotion containing cocoa butter or vitamin E. Inostretch topical anti-stretch and scar marks cream contains cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamin E along with peptides and many other ingredients.

Topical application is always safe and effective if used consistently. There are many other treatments to treat old and rigid stretch marks. But they are expensive, may have severe side effects, and don't assure safety during the process. Topical application if chosen rightly can help you with time.


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