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Who Must Use Anti-Stretchmarks Cream!

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Thigh Stretch marks (Credit: Google Image)

Generally anti-stretchmarks cream is understood as a cream for Moms. However, stretchmarks don’t come only to mothers or during pregnancy. Stretch mark may develop to anyone for different reasons. Stretch mark could be from losing or gaining weight. However, it is more seriously taken as a problem in case of females. Reason being girls are more conscious about their skin condition and often they are judged by people. In case of men, the stretch mark is seen due to weight loss, and gyming.

Stretch marks (striae) are sunken streaks that appear on the abdomen, breasts, hips, buttocks, arm & armpit. They're commonly seen in pregnant women, especially during the last trimester. Stretch marks aren't painful or harmful. The main issue with stretch mark is its visual appearance.

Many stretchmarks require care. They dissolve over time but never disappear completely. However, many stretch marks are left for long time, which makes us anxious.

Anyone can develop stretch marks, but some factors increase likelihood of getting them are:

  • Having a personal or family history of stretch marks

  • Pregnancy

  • Rapid growth in adolescence

  • Rapidly gaining or losing weight

  • Using corticosteroids

  • Having breast enlargement

  • Exercising and using anabolic steroids

  • A genetic disorder such as Cushing's syndrome

You must be very clear about the reason and type of stretch mark before looking out for the treatment to remove the marks.

Types & symptoms

Stretch marks don't look similar. They vary depending on various reasons like how long you've had them, what caused them, where they are on your body and the skin type you have. Type of skin is very important in case of Stretchmarks.

Common differences include:

  • Indented streaks or lines on the abdomen, breasts, hips, buttocks or other places on the skin

  • Of different colours like pink, red, black, blue or purple streaks

  • Bright streaks that fade to a lighter colour are mostly seen in younger people

  • Streaks covering major areas of the body

See to a physician or skin specialist if you're concerned about the appearance of your skin or if the stretch marks cover large areas of your body. The doctor can help determine the cause of the stretch marks and discuss treatment options available.

Who should use anti-marks cream

There’s a constant myth that only women get stretch marks. Women are more likely to get them, even men absolutely develop stretch marks. Some research states that 40% of adolescent boys get stretch marks during puberty. Scar occur when the underlying tissues are growing too fast for skin’s dermis (the middle layer of the skin), and tiny tears occur deep in the dermis. They are also called as the tiger stripes. Any body might get stretch marks, its not gender specific. Hence, anyone with a stretch mark can look for the solution to weaken the marks tone.

Possible Anti-stretchmarks products

Generally, stretchmarks products are for topical medication. There are many allopathic products, ointments available in the market. But generally, they are not safe to use. There is chance of skin allergy, irritation or maybe it can trigger burning sensation.

It is best to opt natural ways for lighter scars or opting a soothing, parabens free, clinically tested anti-stretchmarks cream to cure or remove stretch marks. There are age old practice of applying turmeric, coconut oil and coconut water on the marks of any kind on skin to lighten the mark. However, it takes long time, continuous usage and don’t have strong research backing.

Preventative options with some clinical evidence you can try are:

  • Cocoa & Shea butter

  • Olive oil

  • Bitter almond oil

  • Vitamin E oil

  • Coconut Oil

  • Coconut water

  • Stay hydrated, stay calm

There are OTC products available as anti-stretchmarks, however they are for specific to certain skin type and highly chemicalised which we need to be careful about. To simplify your search, you may check out the ingredients used, whether its parabens free, dermatological and clinically tested and if it has specifications like skin type and stretchmarks reasons.

Inostretch, anti-stretchmarks cream is one of the best product available made for all skin type. Whether its a mother, a father, a gyming person or anyone with stretch mark challenge can use it. Inostretch has powerful antioxidants which slow downs the skin cell decline. It has rich sources of Vitamin E as tonic along with Lima beans (Phaseolus Lunatus) extract, and Rutin, a plant pigment found in different vegetables and fruits. It is made with moisturising power of Shea butter and sunflower seed oil will also leave your skin feeling soft and delicate like a rose petal. Inostretch has skin conditioning agents as a bonus. It is free from any high end chemicals and steroid.

Choose your stretchmarks creams wisely, as your skin is the first sighted factor.

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