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Why Women Need To Be More Health Conscious

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“A woman’s health is her capital.” – Harriet Beecher Stowe

Health is our biggest wealth and it's the first priority for everyone. In the case of women, health becomes more crucial and it's her responsibility and also her family’s responsibility to take care of her health as a priority. It may sound feminist to you, but there are enough reasons to advocate the fact that women need to be more health-conscious. Why do families and society need to be more aware and conscious about their women's health? We can’t deny that family, Communities, countries and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women.

How women’s nutritional needs differ from those of men?

It is important to understand that men and women have different nutritional needs due to differences in their bodies, responsibilities, and functionalities. Women, for example, are more likely to develop anaemia, osteoporosis, and other nutritional deficiencies as a result of hormonal changes associated with menstruation, childbearing, and menopause. As a result, it is very important for women to consume foods high in calcium, vitamin D, B vitamins, and iron to maintain bone health and prevent anemia. Women also lose more lean muscle mass as they age and have children. As a result, you should incorporate weight training and/or high-intensity workouts into your daily routine. If you aren't already doing this, it's never too late to start!

Easy tips for busy women to maintain energy level and fitness?

If you’re trying to maintain energy without putting on extra inches, the most important advice is to never skip a meal. Yes, torturing diet control is never a good idea to stay fit and sizable. However, in addition to physical activity, eating healthy, avoiding junk food, too many carbohydrates, and oily foods must be considered. If you are addicted to smoking and alcohol, it's never going to help you to stay healthy and enthusiastic.

One of the deteriorating practice is she skips her meals to finish household and other responsibilities. Scheduled eating times can help with energy levels and boost your mood. As per studies the average recommended calorie intake is around 2,000 calories per day for women.

Each woman has unique nutritional needs, but in general you need about 1-2g of protein daily for every kilogram you weigh. For 130-lb. woman (58kg), that means taking in up to 116g of protein daily (Source: Most people do not eat enough food needed to maintain their daily nutritional needs. It seems counterintuitive, especially if you are trying to lose weight, building muscle is important as it burns fat/calories and helps maintain normal bone health. You cannot build muscle without protein, so make a note that protein and calcium are very important for you.

Time and again, stress, depression and anxiety are big energy zappers that kill our energy level silently and slowly. To lower stress levels, physical activities like jogging, walking, meditation, listening to likable music, or spending quality time with family and friends can help immensely. Don’t forget to drink enough water needed per day and see your bowel movement is perfect.

To accomplish the nutrient needs and to fill up the gaps in vitamins and minerals, you can take a daily dose of multivitamin supplements available over-the-counter. Lifezen’s Tuskca Multivitamin is tested and certified as an effervescent multivitamin tablet. It contains 27 essential vitamins and minerals that every human needs for a healthy body and mind. It comes in two tasty flavors: lime and lemon and Blueberry.

Nutritional tips for women trying to conceive?

If you are planning pregnancy, you should begin taking prenatal vitamins daily like multivitamins and should make sure that it contains folic acid, which aids in the prevention of fetal brain and spinal cord abnormalities early in pregnancy.

Additional supplements may be recommended depending on your situation, so always consult with your doctor. You should abstain from alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. If you have a medical condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or thyroid disease, it is critical to control these before and during pregnancy for the best results. Hence, staying under gynecologist and a physician is a must.

Also, keep in mind that about 40% of fertility issues are caused by men, so encourage your partner to avoid alcohol and nicotine and to live a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritional guide for painless and healthy PMS?

PMS or Premenstrual Symptoms has a wide range of symptoms which differs from woman to woman. Because hormones fluctuate around the time of the menstrual cycle, many women experience bloating, cramping, fatigue,depression and mood swings. Some easy nutritional remedies include:

1. Eat well, Sleep well: If your meals are proper and nutritious, if you get a sound sleep of 6-7 hours, without much difficulty you can handle PMS in advance.

2. Avoid too much alcohol, smoking: Too much of anything is bad. These unhealthy practices imbalance your hormones.

3. Keep your gut healthy: A healthy gut solves many health issues beforehand. Check intake of probiotic and prebiotic on a daily basis. Wonderpro, a super probiotic available over-the-counter is an amazing probiotic supplement made with 5 important good bacteria to support your complete gut health.

Above all, your health is in your hands. You can deal with the challenges of daily life if you are physically fit and mentally sound. You can enjoy good moments too if you are blessed with a painless body. So take care of your health with awareness.


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