Technology to save your eyes from eye-strain

Technology to save your eyes from eye-strain

Our addiction with our digital devices is giving us eye-strain. We stay glued to digital screens throughout our day, either computer screen at work or phone screen at home, which makes us prone to digital eye-strain. Technology is there to save us from the strain caused by these devices.


There are few apps which are there to remind you to take proper breaks or adjust your screen settings to save your eyes of eye-strain:


If scrolling through your Facebook news feed before bedtime is your daily habit, then f.lux is for you. This app adjusts the amount of blue light emitted by your device according to the time of the day. It prevents your screen light from getting harsh on your eyes by changing it to crisp and bright in the morning, and a reddish, golden hue in the evening. This dim light in the evening stimulates melatonin production in your body which induces sleep. F.lux is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and iPhone/iPad.


Andriod device users can use Twilight to save their eyes from strain. This will change your screen light based on local sunrise and sunset schedule. This will help you sleep well if you are glued to your phone throughout your evening as exposure to blue light causes difficulty in falling asleep.



There is a chrome extension, eyeCare, to remind you to take breaks to prevent your eyes from getting exhausted. Not just reminder for short breaks, it also helps you with 20-20-20 rule and with lower back exercises. This extension allows you to set a reminder duration and also works even if chrome is not running. This also provides instructions to spend your break time. This is a great tool for professionals who spend more than 8 hours a day in front of computer and face lower back pain and eye-strain.


Everyone gets irritated by the tons of ads with flashy designs which appear right on your face as soon as you open a web-page. Don’t worry, iReader is a chrome extension which gives you clutter-free web-page experience and makes it easy to read. This extension removes ads from your web-page to make it easy for you to focus on information you are looking for in a particular web-page.


This windows app not only ensures short breaks but also proper lubrication of your eyes by reminding you to blink. Blink rate of our eyes decreases when we focus on any work on our computer screens. Every time we blink, tear film is properly spread throughout our eyes preventing dry eyes. EyePro ensures that you blink often and hence prevent eye-fatigue and dry eyes. In addition to this, you also get tips for eye-exercises to keep your eyes healthy.


TimeOut does exactly the same as the name suggests. It is very effective app for workaholics who stay glued to their workstations engrossed in work on computer screens. This app fades your screen to give you 10 seconds break every 10 minutes. This also allows you to set up a soothing sound track to play in your break time. The feature to skip a break is also available if you are working on something urgent that should not be interrupted.

Above apps can save you from eye-fatigue and resulting symptoms of dry eyes, redness, itchiness and burning sensation in the eyes. If you face these symptoms, you can follow easy hacks to relax your eyes. You can also keep relaxing eye-drops handy to refresh your eyes when they get exhausted. We cannot avoid digital screens but surely we can take simple measure to take care of our eyes.