Inostretch - A revolutionary stretch-mark cream developed in France with clinically back claims to effectively treat those stubborn stretch-marks. It's patented formula of plant extracts and 2 matrikines will give you up to 72% reduction in your stretch mark depth within just 8 weeks!

Paraben free & Dermatologically tested cream for up to 72% reduction in the depth of stretch marks. Inostretch, intensive scar anti-stretch mark cream improves elastic and boosts collagen synthesis. Works best for Pregnancy related stretch marks, C-section scar, scar due to surgery, mark due to weight gain & weight loss

Inostretch intensive scar anti-stretch mark cream

SKU: FG00008
  • Inostretch when applied at the initial stage of appearance of a stretch mark, it is known to have the following effects

    • Reduce its width
    • lighten its colour
    • Decrease its depth

    The added moisturizing power of shea butter and sunflower seed oil will also leave your skin feeling soft and delicate, just like your baby's!

    Suitable for stretch marks on pregnant women, new mothers, teenagers during puberty, body builders and people undergoing rapid weight change.

    Benefits of Inostretch Anti-stretch mark cream:

    • Powerful  antioxidant which slow down cell decline.
    • Peptide which stimulate the natural production of collagen, fibronectin  & elastin.
    • Protective agents which defend against damage caused by free radicals
  • Using in a circular motion, gently massage the cream into areas prone to stretch marks. For best result Use twice a day for minimum of two months





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