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TUSKCA GLUTATHIONE Effervescent Tablet  (Pack of 4)

TUSKCA GLUTATHIONE Effervescent Tablet (Pack of 4)

₹6,000.00 Regular Price
₹2,400.00Sale Price

Tuskca Glutathione supplement is for skin radiance and to reduce dark spots. The best effervescent tablet for pigmentation and uneven skin tone, it reduces melanin. L-glutathione provides antioxidant support for your skin, and it may help to repair damaged cells and increase collagen levels in your skin to maintain it bright, clear, and elastic for a young appearance. Its additonal ingredient vitamin C makes it highly antioxidant.


A naturally occurring substance called glutathione works to improve the texture and tone of your skin from the inside out without exposing it to any damaging chemicals or other additives. Clinically proven Opitac Glutathione to promote skin glow and radiance. Glutathione reduces oxidative stress & improves overall complexion. Added vitamin C helps improve effectiveness of glutathione supplement. 


    • Skin Glow
    • Antioxidant support
    • Reduces dark spots and pigmentation
    • Promote even toned skin
    • Reduces wrinkles and diminishes acne scars
    • 100% vegan, no added sugar, no preservative
    • Quicker absorption , optimal compatibility and mild on stomach
    • Dermatologist approved

    • Glutathione (600 MG)
    • Vitamin C





    1 Tab per day - Drop 1 tablet in 200 ml water.
    Wait until it has completely dissolved (around 2 minutes), no stirring necessary.Enjoy the tasty, fizzy health drink.

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