Our Motto

LIFEZEN - Embrace Life

A name That Inspires action. The ultimate state, life can be in.


We believe, true life-care is proactive in nature. We care for life that nurture and enhance it not just healthcare, but life-care.


The guiding pillars of our philosophy are the key elements behind all of our business decisions and product offerings. We believe that it is essential to maintain a balance between actions and thoughts and offer products that are genuine, high quality, and offer value to our customers. We aspire to do things differently by being ahead of the curve in terms of knowledge, branding, marketing, and decision-making, while at the same time being responsive and sensitive towards our customers' needs and the ecosystem we exist in.

The product offerings from Lifezen Healthcare concentrate on eye care, nutritional supplements, and various other healthcare needs. The leading products in the market are Eye Spa Relaxing Eye drops, Tuskca Calcium, Wonderpro Probiotic, Muslizen Vitality & Stamina Herbal Capsules, and Inostretch Stretch Mark & Scars Cream, with a guaranteed 72% reduction, clinically proven*. We have new addition to our range of nutraceuticals under the brand Tuskca. They are Tuskca Biotin, Tuskca Multivitamin, Tuskca Glutathione, and Tuskca Vitamin C with Zinc. To learn more about these lifezen products, click here.

A new age, young & dynamic healthcare brand.