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6 Daily Hacks for Exhausted and Tired Eye Relief

Taking care of our eyes might be last on our to-do list but they get equally exhausted at the day end as we do. Prolonged exposure to computer screen throughout the day exhausts our eyes and causes digital eye-strain. Digital eye-strain is further exacerbated by our addiction to mobile phones and binge movie-watching. We cannot avoid these factors as they are an inevitable part of our technology and gadgets dependent lifestyle. But surely we can take proper care of our exhausted and tired eyes to refresh them. Here are 6 helpful daily hacks to rejuvenate your eyes :

1. Water Treatment

Water is the best cure for most of our common health issues. Dry mouth, dry skin, tired eyes, and sleepiness – you name it and dehydration is one of the major causes of such problems. Water is your go to solution for healthy eyes. Rinse your tired eyes with water and drink plenty of water. Splash your eyes with cold water over the day to relieve your tired eyes.  Make it a habit to drink about 8 glasses of water each day to make sure these dehydration symptoms do not make you tired. This will keep your eyes happy and healthy.

2. Sunglasses Cover

Harmful UV rays from sunlight affect your skin as well eyes. Not just on a sunny day, sunlight can harm your eyes in any season. Protect your eyes from UV damage, glare of sun, smoke, dust and other environmental conditions with the cover of sunglasses. Use sunglasses which cover your eyes properly to protect them from these factors which are responsible for dry, exhausted and tired eyes. Make sure you buy sun glasses with effective UV protection.

3. Natural Remedies

Go natural with cooling effect of cucumber and rosewater for tired eye relief.  Rose water is an effective remedy which cools and relaxes your eyes. You can put 2-3 drops of rose water in your eyes. This will help relax and wash off the dirt present in your eyes.  Along with the vitamin C and caffeic acid, cucumber also helps relax exhausted and puffy eyes. Keep cucumber slices on your eyes for 10 minutes for tired eye-relief.

4. Tea Bags

Caffeine in tea refreshes you as well as your eyes. So don’t throw away the used tea bags after having tea. You can cool these tea bags and use them on your eyes to relax tired eyes.  Anti-inflammatory effect of green tea work wonders to de-stress your eyes. So keep a stock of used tea bags for tried eye-relief.  

5. Eye Drops

Eye drops are always handy as you can carry them to work or when you travel somewhere. You can buy over-the-counter eye drops such as EyeSpa, which help relieves dry, tired and strained eyes. These eye drop hydrates, cools and refreshes and your go-to solution for tired eye relief.

6. Eye Exercises

Palming, eye rolling, focus shifting, distance gazing are simple yoga exercises that rejuvenate and refresh your eyes.  You can just dedicate 5 minutes a day to do these exercises for tried-eye relief. When done properly, these simple exercises reduce stress in your eyes and help strengthen muscles that help the eyes focus.

All the above remedies are simple and convenient to do on daily basis and are highly effective for tired eye-relief. You need not buy any special ingredients or medications for these daily hacks. You just need simple things which can be easily found in your home. So try these quick remedies to rejuvenate your tried eyes. Also take a nutrient-rich diet that promotes eye-health and prevent eye related medical conditions


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