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Benefiting Gokshura for Men

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Gokshura otherwise called as puncture vine in English and scientific name is Tribulus Terrestris from caltrop family. The appearance of this herb is a tiny leafy, the fruits of this plant resemble cow hooves, hence the name gokshura is derived from the Sanskrit words: 'Go' meaning cow and 'Aakshura' meaning hoof. Gokshura is an Ayurvedic herb used in India and China for several health problem.

Forms of Gokshura in Use

Gokshura is available in different forms used as per the need of the ailment, absorption and medicine type. You can see gokshura as;

  • Gokshura Churna (Powder)

  • Gokshura Tablets

  • Gokshura Capsules

  • Gokshuradi Kwath

It is also used as one of the ingredient in medicines along with other ingredients to make the end product more efficient and powerful.


Gokshura is used in Ayurvedic medicine to several lifestyle ailments like asthma, edema, cough, and renal problems, to aid with hair loss, rheumatic pain, headache/stress, menstruation, obesity, piles, and men sex health. Researchers have found this herb to have hypotensive, anti-microbial, aphrodisiac and diuretic qualities.

Gokshura is also known to be beneficial and used for;

  • Body building properties

  • Diuretic purpose

  • Lowering blood pressure

  • Anti-obesity property

  • Hair fall Control

  • Aphrodisiac

Benefits of Gokshura

Among many benefits gokshura is known to be beneficial for men health. In this article we will highlight the major health benefits of puncture vine.

In Body building

Puncture vine is a popular supplement consumed by athletes. The androgenic effects of puncture vine stimulates testosterone production. The recommended dosage of gokshura may provide the body with vitamins and minerals essential for muscle strengthening. Intense exercise may suppresses testosterone production, which negatively affects athletic performance. The supplementation of gokshura helps levelling up testosterone production. However, further studies are needed to evidence this benefit of gokshura.

For Digestion

Gokshura has digestive qualities have been discovered to be particularly help in improving digestion. It may increase the absorption of important nutrients and improves digestion by stimulating the release of digestive juices.

It also addresses symptoms of stomach pain, distension, ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome, as well as preventing fluid retention.

Antioxidant properties

Antioxidants are a must for the body to deal with free radicals. You can get antioxidants through variety of foods, herbs, spices and supplements. These compounds help protect your cells against damage from free radicals.

Free radical damage can lead to chronic diseases, such as heart disease, brain disorders, type 2 diabetes, and various cancers.The antioxidant properties of Gokshura includes polyphenols and coumaroylquinic acids.

Helps boosting libido and testosterone level

Though tribulus supplements have been used as a type of traditional medicine for centuries, they have recently gained popularity due to how they may improve sexual health. According to research, gokshura may help improve libido in both men and women. Supplementing with tribulus boosts testosterone. This potent herb is used in herbal medicines and supplementation to deal with problems like low libido, stamina enhancement and boosting male sex hormone. Lifezen healthcare’s Muslizen is a potent health supplement exclusively for men, which contains Puncture vine and 8 more herbs.

May help lower blood sugar levels

According to research, gokshura may help regulate blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels may rise if the body easily absorbs carbs from the digestive tract into the blood. Thus, inhibiting enzymes involved in this process could lower blood sugar levels and minimise these surges.

Blood Pressure

Gokshura helps to maintain blood pressure by increasing urine output and flushing the toxins and extra fluid from the body that are responsible for high blood pressure.

Kidney Stones

Now a days kidney stones cases are seen commonly. Its a painful condition. In ayurvedic medicine, tribulus terrestris is used as a treatment for kidney stones.

Tribulus terrestris is widely available in health food stores, vitamin shops, and internet sellers due to its popularity for sexual enhancement and athletic performance. Many of these herbal supplements contain other substances, and it's unclear how these other chemicals influence the tribulus's activities.


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