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Benefiting Rose Water for Eyes

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Every time you try a homemade face pack, it's not complete without gulab jal. Rose water is a popular choice for all skin types and can be used directly or as one of the ingredients. It's a natural toner and healer. But don’t think rose water is only beneficial to skin; it has different usages, like being used even in cooking for aroma and for eyes too. Yes, rose water is also beneficial to fixing certain eye problems at home. Rose water is nothing but aromatic water that is made by boiling water with rose petals. Even though it sounds easy, the benefits of Gulab Jal are way too many to term it as basic. The quality of rose water depends on the quality of rose taken and purity of water used and process involved.



Rose water works wonders for soothing eye irritation. Rose contains a number of natural terpenes, anthocyanins and flavonoids along with phenolic compounds which have anti-inflammatory properties. If you have good quality rose water at home, put two drops and feel refreshed.


Dark circle is common to many undergoing work pressure, long screen time, stress and even aging. But the good news is, Rose water can also be used to treat dark circles. You can apply rose water to your tired and dull eyes to help them brighten up again, making those dark circles less visible.Rose water is an effective solution to help tonify the eyes.


Conjunctivitis also called a pink eye, is basically infection or inflammation caused in the conjunctiva of the eye. This leads to making the eye look pinkish or reddish. It can be caused due to many allergies, bacteria or even viruses. Of course, the natural treatment for conjunctivitis lies in medications and relaxing.

But rose water comes effectively in helping with the symptoms extremely since it has anti-inflammatory properties. The symptoms that Gulab Jal can help with are eye redness and itching, making faster recovery possible.

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We all have been in a situation where a dust particle enters into our eyes, and no number of attempts with water seems to help. Well, you can try with Gulab Jal too! All you need to do is to put a few drops of Gulab Jal in your eyes and rest. However, you need to be careful about the quality of the rose water. This is because our eyes are a really sensitive part of our body, and we cannot afford to take any risk.


Cataracts can be caused by age or by other factors.The problem is that it causes blurred vision. It may even require surgery to be cured. However, in the early stages of cataract, taking self-care measures can help to slow the disease's progression. These self-care measures can help to alleviate eye blurriness and dryness. This is where rosewater enters the picture. Rosewater can help prevent and slow the progression of cataracts by preventing dryness in the eyes.

Gulab Jal is a must-have at your home. It has many benefits from medical to cosmetic, and it is especially extremely useful for most things related to the eyes. For serious eye conditions you must consult a doctor as early as possible.

Keeping overall eye care in view EyeSpa Ayur is a new complete eye care drop from Lifezen Healthcare's EyeSpa line. EyeSpa Ayur contains 17 herbal ingredients like Triphala, Gulab Jal, Punarnava, Honey, Bhringaraj, and 12 more. EyeSpa Ayu helps with soothing eye irritation, tired eyes, eye sight, and keeping eyes clean.


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