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Benefits of Calcium Health Supplements for Your Body

Strong bones are building blocks of strength we need to carry our day to day activities. Calcium plays a major role in building and maintaining bone strength in addition to other nutrients such as magnesium and Vitamin D. These two aid in calcium absorption in the body. Calcium benefits our bodies in incredible ways-

Calcium is an important nutrient which leads to bone and skeletal development. In addition to building strong bones, it also helps in maintaining bone strength. Adequate intake of calcium prevents the risk of osteoporosis; this condition weakens the bone and makes them prone to fracture. Therefore, calcium rich diet or calcium supplements for women are important to prevent the risk of osteoporosis.

If calcium is consumed in the adequate amount which is required by the body on daily basis, it also helps to prevent PMS (premenstrual syndrome). Deficiency of calcium in the body affects progesterone and estrogen levels which lead to PMS. Calcium dietary supplements help in keeping desired calcium levels in the body and hence prevent PMS.

Majority of calcium in our body resides in bones; the rest small amount contributes to regulation blood pressure levels in the body. Deficiency of calcium leads to hypertension, this condition causes high blood pressure levels in the body.

Pregnant women are recommended to increase their calcium intake as calcium plays a major role in growth and development of foetus. If their diet is deficient in calcium, calcium is leeched out of mother’s bones for the development of foetus. This leads to weakening of mother’s bones. Therefore, calcium rich diet or calcium supplements for women are required to ensure that foetus continues to grow at a healthy rate. Know more on importance of calcium for pregnant women.

Lack of calcium in the body affects the nervous system which leads to cardiovascular diseases. With adequate calcium intake through diet or calcium dietary supplements, women are protected from the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Not only does calcium help in keeping teeth strong but it also prevent teeth from the attack of bacteria and plaque formation. Calcium dietary supplements and food sources keep your smile healthy. Know more on how to keep your teeth healthy.

Junk foods which are high in salt and sugar levels increase the acidity in the stomach and strains kidneys. Calcium helps in maintaining alkaline levels which balancing the ph levels in the body increased by the junk food we eat.

Lack of calcium causes skin damage and appearance of whitish spots on face and skin. Adequate calcium intake through diet or calcium supplements for women is beneficial for skin as it aids in skin repair and slows down the aging process.

Calcium rich diet helps body regulates hormones such as adrenal, thyroid and others which are important for functioning of the body. Calcium dietary supplements are also helpful in providing adequate calcium on the daily basis which can be taken at any time of the day. Know more about benefits of calcium supplements for health here.

Calcium also helps in the metabolism process and aids the digestive processes. It helps in weight loss by helping burn fat cells in the body. Calcium supplements for women come with one more perk of keeping slim.

Therefore, it is important to keep your calcium reserves with calcium rich diet. Know more about calcium content levels of popular Indian dishes. With hectic lifestyle, at times it is not possible to maintain healthy eating habits which lead to various lifestyle disorders which mainly occur by deficiency of vital nutrients. There are many calcium dietary supplements available in the market which are easy to consume. LifeZen presents chewable calcium tablets, Tuskca, which have high absorption calcium citrate formula. These calcium supplements can be taken any time of the day.


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