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Does Biotin Really Helps Your Hair?

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Are you that person who is noticing “Biotin” every time looking out for hair care products? Biotin is nothing but one of the B vitamins that is vitamin B7. This B vitamin is popular for helping your mane stay strong and healthy. Not just brands but and it’s recommended by dermatologists to help with hair loss.

Does biotin actually help your hair grow?

Biotin is known to be helpful in hair disorders, enhancing brittle nails by making it thicker, skin hydration, smoothness and appearance. Oral biotin in the form of supplements is absolutely safe.

Does biotin help in enhancing your hair length? Not certainly. Biotin’s role in protein synthesis importantly Keratin production helps with the development of your skin, nails and hair, but this doesn’t mean miraculously it will make your hair longer in a few days. Let’s understand what biotin does to your hair.

Why Hair Falls Out?

Before getting panicked for a bad hair loss pattern the first thing is to know the cause of it and then looking out for the right care and treatment it requires in the first place. Hair loss has multiple causes, many of which are due to bodily functions related to the circulatory system.

Certain medical conditions are linked to hair loss. Among them are endocrine disorders, which include problems with your pituitary, parathyroid or adrenal glands, or your ovaries or testes. For example, thyroid, pre-menopausal and PCOD symptomatic women may face hair loss. Also anything that disrupts your gastrointestinal (GI) tract can also affect hair growth. Hence it is important to keep your gut clean and containing enough good bacteria.

But one of the most common causes can be nutritional deficiency or imbalance.

Not just your diet, but your exercise habits, lifestyle and family history can affect hair health like thinning, greying and fall.

Biotin and hair growth?

It’s first important to know that there’s a difference between something that helps promote hair growth and something that helps prevent hair loss. Biotin is an essential vitamin that helps with the production of the protein keratin.

Biotin has been shown to help with preventing hair loss, man pattern balding and it makes hair healthy. Dr. Bergfeld says “Biotin helps maintain hair growth and helps with inflammation. The hair follicle, the skin and the nails all benefit.”

You need to get enough biotin, the daily recommended biotin intake is 30 micrograms (mcg) for adults and 35 mcg per day for pregnant women according to the National Institute of Health. It is seen that doctors advise biotin supplements with increased dosage for alopecia patients to combat hair loss.

What types of biotin are there?

Here are some ways you can get biotin from food

  • Eggs

  • Salmon

  • Sweet potatoes

  • Almonds

  • Broccoli

Today’s lifestyle, food quality, food choices, certain dietary restrictions make need of an extra biotin boost, hence a course of biotin supplement is advisable for healthy hair and nails.

Biotin shampoo vs. Biotin Supplement

Adding a biotin shampoo for better hair growth and hair health into your wash routine may sound like an easy fix, right? But is it really so subtle?

There’s no harm really in giving this kind of shampoo a try if you want your hair to feel fuller but don’t expect a magical regrowth of hair as topical application has limitations. You need to fix the problem from inside by resolving various shortcomings. There you need a vitamin supplement.

Biotin into your system either through supplements or diet is generally safe provided you are not overly consuming but following daily dosage and the quality of the brand also matters. Our Tuskca Biotin health supplement contains other hair supportive nutrients like selenium, vitamin E, amino acids and zinc. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, zinc and selenium are also hair nutrients. All together they keep the scalp a better place for healthy hair growth. The best thing about Tuskca Biotin is you drink your supplement as it is in effervescent tablet form. Due to which the absorption is faster and better. Also you get additional hydration.

If you are suffering with any kind of chronic health condition or problems please consult a doctor. It is best to first make sure you’re eating a well-balanced diet of protein-rich foods, working out, away from addictive habits like smoking and heavy alcohols and adding supplements to daily life. Hence Biotin or vitamin B7 supports hair growth and maintains healthy hair.

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