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How to Prevent and Fix Stretchmarks Due to Weight Training

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Image Source: Men's Journal

Stretchmarks is not only limited to woman or to pregnancy, stretchmarks can come to anyone, in any age and for many reasons. To understand stretchmarks, think of a balloon. When you blow it up, the film is stretched, at some point before the balloon rips apart you’re going to see the material fade in color, get super thin, and bubble or ripple,that’s what similarly happens with your skin.

Stretch marks are the outcomes on your skin when too much tension has been placed on it for too long. Our skin is living and active, so it’s constantly responding. When you put on weight, the skin is expanding and when you start loosing weight the expanded skin shrinks and leaves stretchmarks. Both men and women get stretchmarks, the only difference is where they mostly get.

Where do they appear?

Mostly, stretch marks in men are seen on their front of the shoulder, by the biceps and armpits on their chest, backs, and even on the upper thighs. Women tend to get them on their abdomen when they’re in the last trimester of pregnancy, as well as their inner thighs and hips. Men and Women both develop stretchmarks during weight training. Yoga and brisk work outs may not give visible stretchmarks as slowly the weight loss happens but gym workouts and rigorous weight training shows visible stretchmarks. Also it depends on the skin type.

Why do they appear?

Stretchmarks occur when the dermis (elastic middle layer of skin) is stretched. Stretching leads to a breakdown of connective tissue, inflammation, and then scar formation. Scars are always scaring. Stretch marks are common during puberty, pregnancy, weight gain (Obesity) and weight loss, when muscle mass increases rapidly and stretches the skin (like during bodybuilding).

Stretch marks tend to fade over time, but it's a wait-and-see game as depends on skin type, depth of the marks. If reducing the intensity of your training doesn't work and they continue to upset you even after they diminish, then you might go for an anti-stretchmarks cream. It is advisable to go for an anti-stretchmarks cream that's available on OTC (Over-The-Counter). The reason being its mildness and harmless ingredients, of course you have to read the ingredients before buying, whether its clinically tested.

Anti-stretchmarks cream should be applied prior to it’s appearance and post application helps lightening the odd stretchmarks. Inostretch is one the anti-stretchmarks cream available online as OTC products. The main ingredients make it an effective cream. You may have a look here.

How to get rid of stretch marks

Many products and procedures promise to minimize the appearance of stretch marks, or even make them disappear completely but you have to see which one you are going to trust. Here are some precautions and self-treatment options are discussed;

  • Moisturizing. Applying moisturizer to stretch marks has no effect on their appearance but it helps the skin to stay hydrated and tender. Hence, the scars or stretchmarks won’t be stubborn or darker. Gently massaging over the course of several weeks may help.

  • Tanning lotion. Applying tanning lotion to your stretch marks offers a temporary way to minimize the difference in color between your typical skin tone and the color of stretch marks.

  • Topical treatments. Topical creams and ointments are more affordable and safe methods for reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Some creams are available over-the-counter with effective results. Applied regularly, topical creams can lighten the tone of stretch marks.

Phaseolus lunatus extract: The combination of Phaseolus lunatus extract, rutin and 2 matrikines. It is used in anti-stretch mark products. The Phaseolus extract and rutin antagonize the activated inflammatory cells responsible for tissue degradation, healing the stretchmarks.

Inostretch, France formulated cream with Phaseolus Lunatus, Rutin, 2 peptides and many skin-friendly ingredients like Coconut oil, Vitamin E, Shea butter, Sunflower seed extract, glycerin and many other ingredients becomes one of the effective and skin-friendly stretchmarks cream. Its is safe to use, no paraben and dermatological tested. Use it for 56 days and find 72% reduction in stretchmarks dept and it is clinically tested.


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