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Physical Fitness: Requires Commitment not Resolutions

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This Time No Resolution, Only Commitment

During our school days, we were taught the proverb "Health is wealth," which was taken lightly as children, but as we grew older, we realised the seriousness of the proverb. Health is above all, and it should always be a top priority. If you are healthy and hearty, you are more efficient at taking care of your family, having healthy relationships, and being productive and efficient. With a disciplined health regime, you can avoid lifestyle diseases and several acute health conditions. Every new year, you make a to-do list and make resolutions to start working out, taking morning walks, practising yoga on a regular basis, eliminating sugar and junk food, or starting a diet. But do you really stick to your resolutions for the whole year? Resolutions may only last a few days or up to a month. It's a common story for many people. No worries, we will guide you here. Fitness and health do not require resolutions, but rather your commitment.

How to be committed to Fitness

You need to understand that, as a human, your very first priority is your own health, both physical and mental. A holistic approach to overall health is when your both physical and mental existence is taken care of. This awareness should be there in your subconscious mind for all 24 hours of the 365 days. Only then you become committed to fitness and no longer have a crawling resolution.

However, you need to set aside some time for a physical workout and some minutes for mental relaxation like reading books, practising yoga nidra, or a 20-minute meditation.

Diet is also an important aspect of your health. You conserve energy from food. The body requires energy for several chemical changes, both for metabolism and for body functions. Food also plays an important role in mental or brain health. As per the quality and type of food, your mood gets affected; happy hormones are secreted like dopamine or serotonin, etc.

7 important commitments for a healthy body

1. Workout

You can’t say no to exercise. We are talking about exercise of the whole body that includes gyming, yoga, zumba, dance practices and any kind of physical activity and exercise of mind with meditation, reading good books, calming music, a nature walk or it can be meditation. To maintain balance in life, you need to rejuvenate your whole body. Regular exercise keeps you fit, enhances your metabolic rate, and makes you feel energetic, fresh, and enthusiastic all day.

2. Diet

"You are what you eat," the quote states.To be fit and healthy, you need to feed yourself healthy things. A diet enriched with green leafy vegetables, fruits, and dry fruits in proper quantity is a balanced diet. Staple food is always good as long as it is grown in harmony with your local climate.Eating high-quality food is not enough; eating meals on time and in the proper proportions is also essential.Also, keep a check on the liquids you consume. Your body requires all kinds of vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients like protein, carbs, and certain fats. Consume seasonal fruits and vegetables on a regular basis; they help to boost immunity.Along with meals, you also need to have supportive eatables like sprouts, dry fruits, milk, green juice, and vitamin supplements like a multivitamin, vitamin C, or B12. Every person may Fitness and health do not require resolutions, but rather your commitment. be deficient in certain nutrients, which must be obtained through diet and supplements.

3. Avoid Smoking, Alcohol or any Substance

Abstain from addictive habits like smoking, alcohol, pan masala, and others. There are many reasons why today’s generation is addicted. It may be due to the pressure of competition, work pressure, stress, and other situations that often lead to these types of bad habits that affect major organs like the lungs, heart, and kidney. Immediately, you may not see a huge health hazard, but with time, the body gets into multiple troubles. Also, addiction affects relationships and gives rise to stress and anxiety.

4. Emotional Quotient

Emotional health is rarely discussed, but it is a major issue in today's society. People are losing hope and confidence, are unable to manage their emotions, and various issues are being observed. Bad emotional health can affect both physical and mental health. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use, and manage one's own emotions in positive ways in order to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, overcome obstacles, and defuse conflict. Hence, take care of your emotions. Meditation, motivational books or videos, and welfare services like working for the needy may help immensely to strengthen your EQ.

5. Drink Water

Water is life. We can’t imagine life without water. Your body needs clean and enough water to stay hydrated hence it can function perfectly. Water also purifies the body, helps take out toxins from the body through sweat and urine. It's recommended to drink 16 glasses of water in a day.

6. Quality Sleep

You can’t skip sleep. Nature is balanced in itself; therefore, everything in balance is supportive of a healthy system. Both a lack of sleep and too much sleep are not healthy. Sleeping on time for 6 to 7 hours indicates a healthy way of life. At the same time, a good night's sleep is essential. You feel rejuvenated, fresh, and fit when you get quality sleep.

7. Buddy Cleanse the Body

You can’t skip on your gut, you need to take care of your gut health too. The gut is the system responsible for complete food processing in the body. A healthy gut means a healthy body and a healthy mind. Prebiotics and probiotics are the weapons to keep the gut healthy. Probiotics are the good bacteria that you need to support gut health, whereas prebiotics are nothing but the fibres that support good bacteria ecosystem. Yoghurt, pickles, and certain fruits are natural sources of probiotics; otherwise, taking a quality probiotic supplement is equally good and safe.

One of the best ways to stay fit and healthy is to purify your body that's body detoxification. To cleanse your body, eat a healthy diet rich in fruits, juices, and green juice.This food habit aids in the purification of bloodstreams and the removal of toxins, resulting in a healthier, lighter, and more healed body. When the body has eliminated all toxins, it can quickly restore health.


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