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Revolutionary Rutin for Rigid Stretchmarks and Scars

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Inostretch Penetrates deep into the skin to heal

The plant chemical rutin is not a familiar name. However, it is an effective substance that needs to be known. Rutin’s gentle effect on the skin is surprising. Rutoside or Rutin is a plant pigment that is found in certain fruits and vegetables. Buckwheat (Kuttu in hindi), Passion flower, Apple, Tea, Lime tree and Eucalyptus are sources of rutin. It is commonly used for autism, aging skin, arthritis, cholesterol and blood clotting. Studies and research are still going on for deeper understanding and usability.

In scientific terms plant pigment means it is a bioflavonoid which possesses antioxidants properties. Bioflavonoids plant metabolite compounds responsible for the vibrant-color of many fruits, vegetables, and flowers.They can also defend your skin against the damaging effects of stress, pollution, and aging.

Rutin also has anti-inflammatory properties. Like all phenols, rutin is also water-soluble. Hence it is used as an active ingredient in skin care products.

The National Library for Medicines, in their study, found the anti-aging effects of rutin on human dermal fibroblasts (HDFs) and human skin. Unfortunately aging signs are primarily visible on the skin, such as increased wrinkling, sagging and decreased elasticity. The study confirmed Rutin helped in increased skin elasticity and decreased the length, area and number of wrinkles.

The plant pigment Rutin is taken orally for different benefits and also used topically for skin advantages. Did you know Rutin is also called Vitamin P (bioflavonoids or polyphenols).

How does Rutin work on skin?

Your skin is constantly and directly exposed to solar radiation and environmental factors such as solar radiation or pollution, both of which induce the generation of aggressive free radicals. Free radicals are harmful compounds that destroy the proteins of the skin, causing chemical and functional changes of the skin matrix. ROS that is Reactive Oxygen Species, a molecule of Oxygen in cells may cause damage to DNA, RNA, and proteins, and may cause cell death. It also attacks and reacts with the skin cell molecules in the dermis, causing wrinkles due to the cross-linking of collagen and elastin. It reduces the self-repair ability of the skin.

Rutin’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help eliminate ROS and free radicals.The antioxidant defense activity of Rutin helps to enhance the preparation of the DNA, exogenous antioxidants should be applied topically.

The antioxidant property of Bioflavonoid rutin works on molecular level in several studies. The antioxidant has to neutralize the reaction of ROS within cell molecules located in the dermis. Rutin is used in many creams, moisturizers along with many other ingredients for better penetration and as a combination to work at its best.

Generally, skin penetration can be described by a passive diffusion process, which is more pronounced, the higher is the concentration gradient to the skin. Rutin is an efficient dermal antioxidant.

Its main use in cosmetics is due to its high antioxidant and free radical-scavenging ability; it also has antibacterial and wound-healing properties.

Rutin has been studied for its potential as a skin-whitening agent.

All of the above properties make rutin one of the most important active ingredients in skin care products. Rutin's ability to provide microvascular protection, improve circulation, and defend against free radical damage makes it an excellent ingredient in any natural skin care formulation. Because rutin can penetrate the skin, its use in a topical skin care formulation makes it extremely valuable.

Rutin in removing stretch marks

This bioflavonoid helps regenerate damaged dermal cells with its antioxidant property. Being an antibacterial it controls allergic reactions and stabilizes mast cells. The anti-inflammatory property safeguards the affected skin and gives soothing experience. Rutin helps in improving fibroblast that enhances elasticity of the skin, skin tone hence reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Lifezen Healthcare has brought you a new concept of skin repair, Inostretch. Clinically proven anti stretch mark cream formulated in France and used world over. Inostretch can be used for any kind of stretch mark, C-section scar and other surgical scar. The cream contains Rutin as an active ingredient along with green beans, two peptides and other supportive ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil. No anti stretch mark cream can claim to vanish the mark completely in a short span of time, if they say then it's fake. However, with proper skin care and a quality anti-stretchmarks cream definitely the mark can be lightened by regular use. Inostretch has the evidence after 60 days of application with significant results of 72% scar reduction. It leaves the skin softer, smoother and less noticeable scar marks. It goes deep down the skin layer and heals from within.

Above all, know that you are beautiful even with marks and scars. Instead of stress, better and wise skin care can help you to get rid of these marks.


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