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Role of Multivitamin in Healthy Aging

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It is when Richelle Mead said, "I'm like a fine wine. I get better with age".

Generally, people get upset when they think of their age. They start behaving overly mature, changing their styles, lifestyles, ways of thinking and becoming overly conscious. They feel shy, so they try to hide their age, along with grey hair. Maybe this over-consciousness is also a stress factor, which affects physical and mental health sub-consciously. You must embrace aging.

Accept that aging is a natural process, whether it's a human body, a plant, a flower, or anything that has life getting older. Acceptance is the first step in aging to stay healthy and enjoy the process you come across.

The aim should be to age like fine wine. Adopting a healthy lifestyle with a positive attitude, as well as taking care of your health, in order to avoid lifestyle diseases, If you are already dealing with health issues, try to control them.

We would give emphasis on taking care of your health in a three-dimensional way, i.e., physical health, mental health, and emotional health.

Lifezen’s Three-dimensional Approach to a Healthy Life

Our body doesn’t function just with food; its working depends on the food we eat, the impression of multiple events in everyday life on our mind, and all together it impacts on our emotional health. Hence, to age gracefully, you need to look after your physical, mental, and emotional existence.

A positive attitude towards life and thinking progressively helps immensely. At the same time, regular physical activity and choosing a hobby like gardening, reading, music, or baking anything really keeps you young and fit inside. If you are not enjoying your own company, make healthy friends (avoid the toxic ones). Stay away from negative environments, discussions, and people. Studies and age-old theories are being proved practically now that breathing exercises and meditation do wonders for overall well-being.

"A healthy mind breeds a healthy body and vice versa!" — Zig Ziglar

At a growing age, the needs of the body change accordingly. Again, it differs from person to person. You need to understand the call of your body. Eating healthy, maintaining a routine, and adopting a disciplined lifestyle are some of the important factors to be taken care of.

Only eating meals and fruits may not suffice the needs of your body. Hence, experts' advice is to go for natural supplements on a regular basis. You might have seen there are products and health drinks specifically designed and planned for women's health, men's health, for those who are over 30, for seniors etc.

Food and Supplements

Food is essential for survival and health. Our ability to use energy depends on the protein and calories we intake. However, nutritional deficiency diseases can occur even when sufficient calories are present. Physicians have observed that a number of peculiar diseases are directly related to dietary intake. These diseases were seen even in the presence of adequate calorie and protein intake. The question is why? Because, you exactly don’t know where the gap is, what exactly your body is demanding and are you successfully filling up the nutritional gap?

In many studies it is found that, people with a high intake of antioxidant vitamins by regular diet or as food supplements generally have a lower risk of major chronic disease, such as myocardial stroke, than people who are low consumers of antioxidant vitamins. Folate (also called as Vitamin B) appears to reduce the incidence of neural tube defects.

Vitamin D is when taken with calcium decreases occurrence of fractures. You can have the combination in Tuskca Calcium with Vitamin D3, a calcium supplement. Similarly, Zinc, Vitamin C, E and B complex have their own significance. Again women have different requirements, the body of a man requires some particular nutrition majorly while many other vitamins and minerals they need in common.

Vitamins and Aging

As you grow up, your body and its requirements change as well. The National Library of Medicine claims aging is associated with increased risk for low vitamin consumption. One of the theories proposed that damage to cellular mechanisms and tissues occurs because of chronic damage resulting from oxidative stress on the organism due to free oxygen radicals.

Endogenous oxidative damage to proteins, lipids, and DNA is thought to be an important factor in aging and the development of chronic diseases. Vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene, often referred to as “antioxidant vitamins'', have been suggested to limit oxidative damage in humans and lower the risk of certain chronic diseases.

Multivitamins in the case of Seniors?

For older generation, it is even more critical to get the right amount of nutrients. This is the reason why doctors and experts often recommend multivitamins for seniors to promote healthy ageing. But with so many options available in the market, how do you determine which one is the best and safe multivitamin for seniors?

Healthy aging is a priority. However, it gets difficult for older people to get all the required nutrients from their diet alone simply because of dietary restrictions, other health issues and sometimes poor dental conditions.

As you grow, your ability to absorb nutrients from their diet decreases. The lack of nutrients in the body can pave the path for many harmful diseases for nutrient deficiencies. However, these health problems can be prevented by taking vitamin supplements.

Different types of multivitamins are available in the market, but it is imperative to choose the right one. Lifezen’s Tuskca Multivitamin is available as an over-the-counter product. It is very safe to use. The effervescent form helps in high and faster absorption. It has 27 major vitamins and minerals to fulfill your deficiencies. To know more about Tuskca Multivitamin, click here. You can start taking multivitamins on a regular basis for better immunity, a robust body and a healthy mind.


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