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Senior citizens right calcium supplement

Calcium is an essential component in all our bodies. It performs a lot of functions, the most important being keeping our bones healthy and strong. There is a lot of conjecture regarding whether there are specific groups of people who need more calcium than other- like women, children and older people.

In this article, we are going to focus on the calcium needs of senior citizens, who are definitely more vulnerable to bone density erosion.

The median range of intake of calcium for Indian women who are of age 50 or older is 589-649 mg each day and for Indian men the figures are 728-777 mg each day. But ideally, women who are over 50 should consume 1200 mg of calcium daily and men should have 1000 mg.

Body’s ability to retain calcium severely worsens after 50 and keeps decreasing as and when the years pass, majorly after 70. This increases the risk of high intensity fractures.

Our body cannot produce calcium on its own and vitamin D is also needed to absorb it.

Therefore, we have to rely on foods such as milk, cheese, curd, vegetables like broccoli and spinach, soy products, cereals and fruits to get calcium. Vitamin D can be found in fish, milk, eggs, and cod liver oil.

However, maintaining such a rich and high calorie diet becomes next to impossible for senior citizens. Neither do they have such a big appetite nor do they have the energy to curate and execute a diet full of dairy and protein.

Tuskca high absorption calcium supplements can put an end to the worries of such vulnerable group of people who are of older age and provide them with their daily requirements of calcium. It is sugar free and suitable for diabetic patients.


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