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Summer Hair care Hacks: With Some Tips and Vitamins

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Have strong hair all season

You must follow summer hair care routine because the sun's UV radiation, along with a dry and dusty environment, can be harsh on your skin and your hair. We must prioritise our hair as well because no one wants damaged hair. Here are some fantastic summer hair care suggestions to assist you protect and care for your enticing hair this summer. We don't want you to ever have a poor hair day, so get ready to take responsibility and start caring.

1. Cover your head

The harsh sun is not good for skin, for hair, or for the head. You might have seen the glucose advertisement about how the sun dehydrates your body. So whenever you are outdoors, try to cover your hair with a scarf, umbrella, or cap. This will protect your health and hair from the UV rays, dust, and dirt. The harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun can immensely damage your hair and take away its shine. A hair care routine includes more than just remedies and serums.

2. Hydrate Yourself

Every part of the body needs water. Drink a lot of water; hydrate well. In the summer, your water needs increase because you sweat more, so you should drink more water. This keeps your body healthier and cooler, and it protects your hair from damage. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things to do to keep your health fit. Along with water, you must look out for alternatives like coconut water, sharbat, roohafza, lime juice, sugarcane juice, etc. Try avoiding caffeine because it may dehydrate you.

3.It's Trim Time

In the summer, you should frequently have your hair cut since split ends, which are undoubtedly bad for your hair, are more likely to form. By keeping those split ends trimmed, you can keep your hair looking good and manageable. Although trimming your hair occasionally is more of a sanitary exercise to preserve your hair, it is not just for the summer.

4. Add Biotin supplement to your diet

It’s time to give your hair a vitamin boost to restore its original shine and colour. You must add vitamin B7 or biotin to your daily routine. There are many biotin supplements available in the market. Tuskca Biotin can be the best option as it also contains selenium, zinc, and amino acids. Not just hair, but it's beneficial to skin and nails too. Biotin is referred to as a "super food" for your hair. It adds length and lustre and revitalises follicles.

5. Summer Hair care Remedies a home

Egg masks are the best for hair. Not just egg masks, but there are several other hair masks to soothe summer hair issues. Give it a try and let your hair get some pampering.

6. Hair Spa

Everyone likes to be pampered, even your hair. On the weekend, head to a good salon and get your hair spa'd. Hair spas are good for relaxation, hair cleansing, and upgrading the look of your hair. Overall, it's a feel-good thing to do.

7. Tie them up

UV rays do have a great impact on your hair, making it dry and frizzy. Open-hair is a bad idea when going out in the summer, as it ends up making your hair look dull, discoloured, and frizzy. Embrace a unique and sassy look this summer with a few braids or twistiest for a unique and different look.

7. Eat Right!

Take care of what you are eating; junk can always damage you in some way, and what you eat is exactly what your body shows, the healthier you eat, the healthier you will be. For healthy hair, you should eat foods rich in proteins, biotin, iron, vitamins A and C, etc. Proper intake of healthy food is a must when it comes to taking care of your hair—not just your hair but your whole body. Load your day with seasonal fruits.

8. Hot Oil Massage

A hot oil rinse can do wonders for your hair, moisturising it and making it alluring. It also helps treat dry and frizzy hair. Shampoo your hair and take any oil of your choice like almond, coconut, or olive oil, warm it, and apply it from roots to tips. Then rinse it further with normal water. It also provides strength and proteins to your hair, making them stronger, and it controls hair fall.

Keep yourself stress-free and joyful. To deal with unneeded tension and worry, consider taking trips to relaxing locations, meeting up with friends, meditating, and exercising. One of the main causes of severe hair loss in people is stress, which can cause a lot of hair loss. In order to have strong, healthy hair, one should try to manage their stress.


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