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A Complete Guide to Biotin for Women's Health

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Vitamin H (also termed as vitamin B-7) is an integral part of metabolic processes. Don’t get confused! It's also called ‘Biotin’. The word Biotin has come from the Greek word “biotos” which means ‘sustenance’ or ‘life’. Biotin is famous for its properties of keeping hair, nail, skin, eyes, liver and the nervous system healthy and hearty. It is an important element in pregnancy as it helps in the growth of the embryo.

A healthy diet gives you biotin but it is specifically needed for people whose lifestyles include alcohol,smoking and for women looking to improve the quality of their hair, nails and skin. Additionally, in the post-covid era, a Biotin enriched diet is essential for your body to combat against sensitive situations.

Here’s a complete guide of the benefits of Biotin for everyone, mainly for women.

Role of Biotin in body

German translate "Haar and Haut " as "hair and skin". Biotin vitamins are known for hair growth and healthy skin, nails, eyes, liver, and nervous system. Biotin is helpful in monitoring the function of the carboxylases enzyme. Carboxylases helps to produce glucose, fatty acids and maintain the metabolic process.

As biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, it is not stored in your system. Therefore, the only source of Biotin is food sources and supplements. Along with balanced diet, you may have Tuskca Biotin for levelling up biotin in your body.

Health benefits of Biotin

In many of our articles we have discussed the role of biotin in the enhancement and maintenance of healthy hair, nails, and skin. That is why women love biotin. Alongside, biotin has many other health benefits, discussed below.

‣ Regulates metabolism: The primary function of Biotin is to regulate metabolism. Your body needs Biotin to metabolize carbohydrates, fat, amino acids, and it even works as one of the building blocks of protein.

‣ Heart Health: Biotin is protects your heart from any kind of major disease or attack. How? Adequate consumption of Biotin can stimulate blood flow in your heart. Biotin in balancing lipoprotein, which reduces the chances of heart attacks.

‣ Even in brain function: Biotin is also helpful in a healthy nervous system. Biotin helps in the formation of the myelin sheath. It is a fatty substance that protects the brain from various problems. Also, the myelin sheath is integral for the normal functioning of your brain.

‣ Weight loss: Biotin is one of the essential ingredients that enhances your weight loss programs. A biotin diet or boosters will help you burn those extra inches, we have earlier discussed that biotin helps in metabolism.

‣ Immunity: Biotin generates white blood cells responsible for developing and boosting immunity.

‣ Diabetics: Biotin stimulates the production of insulin in the body and aids in the monitoring of blood sugar levels. Biotin supplements are frequently recommended in type II diabetes. Studies have shown biotin helps to improve blood sugar control in people with diabetes.

‣ Help in pre and post-pregnancy: In some pregnancy cases doctors advice biotin supplements for growth of your child. Also its advised to breastfeeding mothers.

‣ Repair tissues: Along with promoting healthy skin, hair, and nails, biotin also makes sure that certain muscles and tissues in affected areas are properly mended so they can carry out their intended activities.

How Biotin is helpful for hair and skin: in cosmetics or through supplements?

Biotin hair products are used by most people who have issues with hair fall. Biotin or vitamin B7 instigates keratin production in your hair and increases the rate of follicle hair growth. Sometimes Biotin is also used in shampoos and hair serums that claim to reduce hair fall, but sometimes it might not be that effective. In cosmetic products, there are added chemicals and preservatives that can harm your hair or scalp. Also, sometimes you might be allergic to a few compounds.

Instead consuming Biotin supplements have been proven the best way to prevent Biotin deficiency in your body. Biotin goes to the roots of your hair strands and makes them stronger. Biotin is also an excellent medicine to prevent hair thinning, dry and sticky hair, and re-occurrence of hair loss.

The recommended amount of Biotin depends on the body type and body condition. Sometimes women with PCOS, thyroid suffer with pattern baldness on their scalp. For them, it is essential to have some of the best supplements for hair growth.

Biotin is the greatest cure for broken nails. This vitamin strengthens your nail tips. According to a study by National Institutes of Health, if you take 2.5 miligram biotin supplements daily for at least 6 months, it will increase your nail's thickness by 25%.

Biotin helps to provide naturally glowing skin by cleansing pores. In addition, it aids in maintaining mucous membranes of the skin. Also, it cures your red scaly rashes and patches on the skin. Biotin also helps to regulate metabolizing fat that is essential to maintain healthy skin.

Biotin Dosage

For adults & teenagers, it is recommended that they take 30-199 mcg a day.

‣ Breastfeeding There is no significant data indicating that breastfeeding women need a boost of biotin unless there is a pre-existing deficiency. Hair fall postpartum is natural and need not be interpreted as a Biotin deficiency. Should you need a boost, consider natural products like Tuskca Biotin. ‣ Pregnant Some studies have shown that since pregnant women break down Biotin at a more rapid rate, it could be possible that they face a Biotin deficiency. You can opt for a Biotin supplement at this stage.

Biotin Supplements

Unfortunately, in this fast-paced life, most people end up eating junk food, so more than half of the population prefers taking biotin supplements rather than adjusting their diet. Sometimes, Biotin rich food also can't fulfill the human body's requirements. That's when you can take the help of biotin supplements. It is available in the form of powder, tablets, or sometimes combined with multivitamins. Vitamin supplements include vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Biotin supplements are made as a replacement for natural biotin sources.

Organic supplements are safe to use. Try out Tuskca Biotin. Our products are organic, natural, and contain no added preservatives. This biotin hair supplement for women strengthens hair from the roots, revives hair growth, increases follicle hair growth, and smoothens hair textures.

Daily requirements of Biotin aren't easy to reach. For example, an adult should get at least 30mcg of Biotin everyday, for an expecting mother, it should be 35 mcg per day. Now you can revamp your Biotin levels with food and supplements.


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