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What Are Effervescence Tablets and Its Benefits

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Oral medications come in a variety of forms, including tablets, liquids, and powders. Each has advantages and disadvantages in terms of how well they work, how simple they are to use, and how safe they are. However, they all share the same goal: to treat or prevent illness.

Types of Oral medication

As the term suggests oral medication is the medication that is taken by mouth (orally). Typically they start working only after reaching the stomach and blood stream.

Tablets are medications mixed with a binder powder, then molded and pressed into a tablet form.

Chewable tablets: These tablets dissolve in the mouth and are absorbed faster in the stomach. Hence, it's faster in action. They come in different flavours. Chewable tablets are conveniently available over-the-counter.

E. g. Tuskca Calcium + Vitamin D3 is a chewable calcium supplement sold over-the-counter. It comes in two yummy flavours of mixed fruits and orange.

Fast disintegrating tablets: This kind of tablet dissolves when it's kept on the tongue. They are faster in action as it goes directly into the bloodstream. These tablets are generally given for chronic ailment and on prescription.

E.g. Migraine medicines are available as Fast disintegrating tablets.

Sublingual tablets: It's kept under the tongue. They are also known to be faster in action. Many cardiovascular medicines, steroids come as sublingual tablets and on prescription.

Effervescent tablets: These tablets are dissolved in water and drunk. They are absorbed quickly and help the consumer in many ways like its hydrating and mild to the stomach.

e.g. Tuskca Multivitamin is a drinkable multivitamin. Only you need to drop 1 tablet in 200 ml water. Wait until it has completely dissolved (around 2 minutes), no stirring necessary. Enjoy the tasty, fizzy health drink.


Capsules are also solid oral medicines. The medicinal substance is capsuled in a semi hard/soft shell which is made of gelatin. The gelatin breaks down in the digestive tract. They are available in different solid colors and some in transparent shells. The outer cover can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

e.g. Muslizen, 100% herbal capsule for men's stamina and vitality contains no heavy metals and is 100% vegetarian.


These are the capsules that release medication at a steady manner over a period of hours. Spansules are labelled as time-release.

e.g. Fesovit Spansule Capsule

Softgels: Also known as liquid gels. It is very much similar to capsules. Here the medicine is suspended in gelatin or a similar substance.

Liquids: Liquid medications are for kids and those who have trouble swallowing a tablet or capsule. They are taken precisely in measuring spoon/cup/device.

Granules/powders: Granules and powders are either mixed with mediums like water, yoghurt, milk or taken straight. When it's taken straight it dissolves in the mouth and through saliva it goes in. They come in pre-measured sachets.

e.g. Wonderpro super probiotic.

Benefits of Effervescent tablets

Effervescent tablets are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of industries, including supplements and pharmaceuticals due to their ease of use. Mainly in the nutraceutical range products.

Effervescent tablets are designed to dissolve in the medium when they come into contact with a liquid such as water or juice. you don't need to stir it. As a result, many people prefer effervescent tablets, including those who take tablets both medicinally and as a dietary supplement. It becomes a fizzy yummy drink, perhaps a fun drink. Effervescent tablets are mainly found in over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.

Here are 5 advantages of effervescent tablets over regular tablets.

1. Easy to consume

They can be a great alternative for those who have difficulty swallowing due to illness or old age. Elderly people who have difficulty swallowing but need to take medication or supplements on a regular basis may benefit from effervescent tablets, which are much easier to swallow than tablets.

Furthermore, they can be a great way to take medicine for people who have sore throats or medical issues that make swallowing difficult, and they are a viable alternative to regular tablets.

2. Yummy, Fizzy way to have

Effervescent tablets are popular because of their way of getting dissolved in liquids such as water or fruit juice, making them taste better than regular tablets. Conventional tablets dissolve slowly, resulting in lower absorption rates; effervescent tablets, on the other hand, dissolve quickly and completely, ensuring that you get the full benefit of the ingredients.

3. Distributed More Evenly

When conventional tablets are ingested, they dissolve gradually in the stomach and can sometimes only partially dissolve, causing irritation in some cases. The advantage of effervescent tablets is that they dissolve completely and evenly, preventing localised concentrations of the ingredients. This means not only a better taste but also less chance of irritation and a more efficient means of ingesting the ingredients.

4. Easy to measure

Effervescent tablets dissolve easily in water or a liquid of your choice and become consistent, well mixed, and ready to drink after a short period of time.

To avoid an inconsistent drink with lumpy bits, traditional tablets or powders must be measured and stirred in repeatedly.

Simply drop them in and they dissolve completely and evenly, ensuring that you get all of the tablet's benefits while also being able to drink it comfortably.

5. Hydrating

Effervescent tablets provide the intended nutritional benefits while also increasing liquid intake. This is especially useful if you are dehydrated or ill and are not consuming as much fluid as usual. Effervescent tablets can be a great way to rehydrate while also reaping the benefits of the tablets, whether they are a dietary supplement, herbal supplement, or medicinal supplement.

It's easy to see why effervescent tablets are becoming increasingly popular. Because they are distributed more evenly and quickly than regular tablets, they are a much more efficient way of taking supplements or medication. Furthermore, they taste better because they can be mixed with water or a liquid drink of your choice, and they are easier to take for people who have difficulty swallowing. All of these factors combine to make effervescent tablets a popular choice for those who take tablets for dietary or medicinal purposes.

For all the above mentioned reasons, Lifezen Healthcare decided to bring its nutraceutical range of Glutathione, Multivitamin, Biotin, and Vitamin C + Zincin effervescent form. You can click here to see all the products available. We are sure you are going to love all of the flavors.


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