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Benefit of Glutathione in Liver Health and Detoxification

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Glutathione, The Master Antioxidant

Today, everyone talks about detoxification, and everyone is looking for ways to detoxify their bodies. Whether it's a fitness freak, influencer, or dietician, they all talk about body detoxification. Where was it all these years? Are we so filthy inside? The answer is that the philosophy of detoxification has always existed since the beginning of time. The only difference is that the internet, development, and competition have provided us with heaps of information and awareness. Hence, it is a fact that detoxification of the body is very much needed to keep the body fit and functioning for a long time. Pollution, bodily changes, whatever we consume as food and beverage, stress, and our lifestyle all accumulate toxins in our body in different forms. These toxins can be present in any degree and need to be addressed through detoxification processes.

Detoxification by body itself

The human body has its own natural ability to detoxify naturally. The excretory framework is comprised of respiration, defecation, urination, and sweating out. The skin, liver, lungs, internal organs, and kidneys are the main organs involved in the excretory system. So we understand the excretory framework plays an important part in the detoxification process. Nutritional diets, exercise, good sleep, and a positive attitude support this process. If your body is clean and gets good nutritional support, you can lead a very healthy, happy, and long life.

Detoxification purifies the blood by eliminating toxins from the body. The excretory process alone is insufficient to complete the detoxification process; it must also include resting, cleansing, and nourishing the body from within. Bad sleep pattern, acne, acidity, gastro-intestinal issues, fatigue,hair fall, early greying of hair, skin rashes, puffy eyes, bad breath, menstrual disorder, obesity, diarrhoea, joint pain, constipation, muscle pain, skin issues like psoriasis, eczema, and many other symptoms can be due to unreleased toxins in the body.

Role of Liver in detoxification

The liver is the largest internal organ in the body located in the upper right part of the abdomen.

The liver has many major functions in the body.

  • The liver plays a part in the metabolic process of breaking down proteins and fats for storage.

  • The point of this storage is to eventually convert it into the energy we need to get through our day-to-day tasks.

  • Another large role the liver plays in the body is detoxification.

Liver helps filter and detoxify the materials not meant to stay in our body. The most critical job done by liver is ensuring toxins are safely removed from your blood. Whether its a junk diet or flushing out foreign substance of drug or alcohol. Antioxidants in liver helps to detox the system.

Steps of liver detoxification;

1. It uses enzymes and oxygen to burn toxins, the fatty ones.

2. In the next step toxins with amino acids combine so they can be removed from the liver through bile or urine.

Detoxification therapy

Eat clean & good

Organic food, less oil and junk is the key to good health. Not only good quality food and beverage but timely intake and optimum amount of food is the secret of a sound body.

Consumption of deeply fried, refined, processed and packaged foods on a daily basis accumulates toxin in your body. Over usage of oil, ghee, salt and sugar acts as toxins and prompt different medical problems early in life. Also, pesticides and other chemicals used in agriculture can be equally harmful to your body.

Consume minimum oil, salt and sugar, less processed foods, organic fruits and vegetable to keep a clean body.

Drink plenty of water

There’s nothing better than water to wash you off. You can clean yourself externally and internally with water, its such a boon to the world. along with survival water is also helpful in removal of the unwanted toxins. Its recommended to drink 3-4 litres of water every day. Did you know water also helps in weight loss, bids adieu to skin issues and boosts one’s energy levels to optimum.

Antioxidants in detoxification

Antioxidants helps in neutralising highly reactive molecules refereed as free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to healthy cells in the process. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants can help your body counter oxidative stress caused by excess free radicals and other toxins.

Antioxidants keep your body running smoothly by neutralising free radicals, allowing it to maintain its natural internal-cleansing mechanisms. As a result, antioxidants help to slow the ageing process and prevent a variety of chronic illnesses.

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Image Source: Toronto functional medicine

Antioxidants promote internal detoxification process. Vitamin C, E, A, magnesium, selenium, amino acids like NAC, glutathione are known nutrients as super antioxidants. Here you need to note that NAC helps to replenish glutathione levels in the body. Adding foods containing these nutrient or supplement can enhance antioxidants in your body. Also tea is rich in antioxidants, which helps slow down the cell damage and keep the body in a more youthful state. It is also very hydrating, which means that it helps to flush impurities out of the body. Green tea is probably the safest choice, however excess of intake can cause acidity. Black tea also offers plenty of detox benefits. For best results, drink at least two cups of herbal tea per day. You can add fruit juices, green juice and detox water to your daily routine.

Role of Glutathione in detoxification

One of the most powerful and less known antioxidants is Glutathione, known as the “master antioxidant”. Although glutathione is present in many foods, it must first be broken down via digestion process in order to be adequately utilised. According to research, dietary glutathione and blood glutathione levels are unrelated. The body naturally produces glutathione. But, if your ability to do so is compromised, it may result in a number of health problems.

The detoxification or cleansing of the liver requires glutathione. Scientists have established the advantages of glutathione for detoxification, unlike other methods of body detoxification. Furthermore, it's essential for a strong immune system and antioxidant defences against free radicals. L-cysteine, L-glutamic acid, and glycine are the three amino acids that make up glutathione.

Major roles of glutathione are;

  • Promoting liver detox or detoxification before bile is released

  • Reducing harmful components and toxins

  • Neutralising free radicals and other chemicals

  • Cleaning out the body and supporting the immune and nervous system

Start exercising

Exercising is a healthy way of life. While exercising, you sweat, and the skin eliminates toxins. Through sweating, your skin is removing metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury. Sweating is a very effective means of detoxification, just like defecation and urination. Exercise not only keeps you healthy and fit but also helps you get rid of unwanted toxins.


Fasting give your gut a break and help in adequate rejuvenation. You can fast with water or with fruits and veggies. There are different formats of fasting, you can choose the best suits you. Fasting with water, juices or fruits and vegetables helps to cleanse your body thoroughly. You can keep weekly or monthly fasting as comfortable.

A clean body, mind and heart is the key to a healthy and content life.


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