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Daily Eye Care Regime to Enhance Productivity

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Tired eyes can affect productivity. (Credit: Google Image)

"Vision with action makes a powerful reality." ~ Ron Kaufman

Whether it's a vision of life or a vision of eyes, it is crucial for achieving goals. Hence, your vision matters the most. When you are focused on making our business successful, career better, you give yourself completely to it. In the race of life, often people forget to look after their bodies, and importantly, one of the most important organs, the eye, is overlooked. We forget that our eyes are working continuously, day and night, for various purposes.

Along with giving you vision, your eyes have many other crucial functions. Our organs are interrelated and interconnected. And each of their functions has an impact on other organs. Likewise, the eyes are directly connected with the brain. Hence, every time you brainstorm with any kind of tension or anxiety, you put some amount of pressure on your eyeballs, eye muscles, tissues, and glands. Gradually, the wear and tear of the eyes takes place.

Today, in almost all professions, whether one is into any business, an IT profession, teaching, a student, a desk job, or a homemaker, your eyes are exposed and invested in some way. Alongside nutritional deficiency and seasonal allergies, environmental pollution has a potential effect on the eyes. Hence, you need to be very careful while taking care of the eyes.

Co-relation between eye and productivity

Good eye health is directly proportional to your performance and productivity at work. It not only makes your sight clear and comfortable, but it also supports your mental health.

Any kind of eye problem or vision issue can cause many other challenges, like anxiety, vision loss, ocular headaches, and eye irritation. It directly and indirectly affects your performance and hence your productivity. The busy schedule may hinder your eye care regime, but some very simple and quick tips can save your time and eye.

Eye care at work, anytime anywhere

Any work needs attention and focus for better results. Hence, eyes and brains are continuously engaged in work. The common eye issues we face are dry eyes, tired eyes, red eyes, eye irritation, burning eyes, a sandy feeling, ocular headaches, eye strain, and eyesight issues. These minor problems, if prolonged, can lead to serious concerns. Therefore,some important and easy eye care practices can be added to our routine for better eye health.

We miss taking care of our ocular health in our daily lives, mainly due to time constraints. Let’s discuss how an eye drop, along with some practices, can help immensely to keep our eyes healthy in a hectic lifestyle.

Workplace practices for healthy vision & enhanced productivity

To ease digital or any regular eye strain, you should take care of these habits:

The 20-20-20 rule

Though the 20-20-20 rule of the eye is a famous and trending rule, hardly anyone practices it. It says, every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and look at objects at a 20-foot distance. We recommend gazing at something green, like trees and plants, if possible. The practice is very useful, especially for computer users. You can even take a short walk during the working hours. There should be a minimum of 20 inches of space between you and your system. You can add 20-time relaxed eye blinking too.

Easy eye exercises

Just as our body needs exercise, our eye muscles also need daily exercise. There are different eye exercises that can be practised with expert advice. At work or home, you can try very simple, regular eye exercises like eye blinking, eye palming, and slow rotations that can be practised by yourself on a daily basis. Good sleep at night and short naps during the day rejuvenate your overall eye health.

Eye wear

People with poor eyesight need to wear power glasses. In intervals, you should get an eye check done in any good clinic or hospital. It is always recommended to wear right-sized, lightweight frames with lens coatings. People with no eyesight should also protect their eyes from harmful UV rays with anti-glare and blue-cut lenses. Working continuously on digital screens and driving make the eyes tired and dry. While out in the sun, carry your pair of sunshades without fail.

Proper ergonomic design and adjustment of the computer

A good workplace arrangement and overall display legibility can increase comfort and productivity. The system’s screen must be kept clean. The brightness, composition, and distance from the users are some important factors.

Regular usage of Eye drops

Eye drops are saline solutions with or without medication. They can be used for a specific eye ailment or for maintaining good eye health. Eye drops can be prescribed, or they can be over-the-counter (OTC) too. If one has any kind of eye ailment history, one must consult with eye specialists for specific eye drops. If there is no such eye problem, then one can get a good-quality OTC eye drops for regular use. Eye drops in regular use help promote eye health. It keeps the eye lubricated, clean, and feels refreshing. It also helps maintain eyesight.

Common Eye Problems and their solution

The common eye issues or eye-related issues are eye irritation, fatigue, ocular headache, dry eye, disturbed sleep, and red eye or pink eye, which are generally seen among different working classes and in all age groups due to overuse of digital screens. People are engaged with computers and mobile phones most of the time. Along with the above-mentioned eye care practices, the use of relaxing eye drops is very important to ensure healthy eyes. Most OTC eye drops contain lubricants and electrolytes that help provide extra moisture and cooling to the eyes. It keeps your eyes lubricated and fresh. People exposed to pollution, sitting long hours in closed air-conditioned rooms, using contact lenses in daily life, having floppy eyelids, and spending more time on digital screens easily get eye irritation, dry eye, red eye, and tired eyes. It is suggested that they add eye drops to their routine.

OTC eye drops can be used as per the directions given. It is safe to use without a prescription. Healthy and refreshed eyes are more focused and goal-oriented.


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