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How to care for stretch marks after weight loss and weight gain

Are your stretch marks still palpable to the hefty body you left behind?

Well, Don't worry!

This article will enlighten you on how to get rid of the reddish skin appearance. Before plunging on to its treatment, let me walk you to the reason for the actual formation of stretch marks.

What are stretch marks?

The rapid growth of weight gain/loss results in disruption of collagen(that makes tissues in the skin). It leaves the fine line of a purplish or reddish color. Generally, women experience stretch marks after pregnancy. However, People reaching puberty can also experience stretch marks. In earlier times, people avoided medicines for weight loss. But, in present times, many people are facing stretch marks issues due to the high intake of medication.

Stretch marks can also reappear if not taken care. Many people undergo laser treatment to lessen their dark skin. But, there are other natural ways of removing stretch marks. The below four steps manifest the natural remedy to cure your spots.

Step -1 Fadeaway your stretch marks with Inostretch

Affordable, reliable, and gives quick results! The Inostretch stretch mark removal cream brings back energy to your rough skin. It contains shea butter and sunflower seed oil as ingredients that smoothen your skin. The cream can be used by any woman undergoing rapid weight change.

How to use :

  • Apply in a circular motion to the affected area.

  • Apply twice a day.

Note: The stretch mark creams work best for pregnancy-related stretch marks.

Step-2 Stay Hydrated

Taking care of your internal system is as important as the outer skin. Applying cream lessens your thin lines, the same way drinking sufficient amounts of water in the body will supply nutrients to your skin cells. Avoid caffeine-contained beverages as there are chances that can increase your stretch marks.

Step-3 Soak Up The Sun.

Let the sun rays fall on your skin to activate the molecules present in your body. Taking a sunbath can also help heal minor hormonal problems. Lack of nutrition results in developing stretch marks. Many women lack vitamins and protein and suffer issues while breastfeeding.

Step-4: Maintain your weight.

There are high chances of development of stretch marks if your body undergoes a subtle change of weight gain/loss. The more the changes in the body, the more stretch marks you may see. Thyroid supplements can be one of the reasons for your constant weight gain/loss. Stick to your weight, when you face any issues with maintaining your body, contact your doctor and get a routine check-up.

Get your glowing skin within two months!

Stretch marks are temporary, but your smile is permanent. Don't let the smile on your face go away because of the minor issue. Apply Inostretch cream and get rid of your thin reddish lining. There are other medical treatments to remove your stretch marks. However, always look for safe alternatives. Follow the instructions mentioned on the package and see the magic within two weeks.

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