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Easy Tricks and Tips For Beautiful and Nourished Eyelashes

Tricks and Tips for beautiful and nourished eyelashes at home

Eye lashes keep your eyes safe from dust and foreign particles. Also, it gives a nice look to your eyes. In the beauty industry, there are many procedures and cosmetics for making eyelashes beautiful and giving them a lush look. But it is always advisable to go for natural ways and home remedies for any matter. By birth, people have a particular set and kind of eye lashes; with care and nourishment, the same can be kept healthy and beautiful. How? Let’s discuss some steps to keep eyelashes maintained and healthy.


Various treatments and beauty products might help to grow thicker and longer eyelashes. These techniques will show you how to have longer and thicker eyelashes at home.


Home Remedies to Longer and Thicker Eyelashes


These techniques and hacks outline different home remedies you can use to enhance your natural lashes:


Apply oil to your lashes. Natural oils like castor oil, coconut oil, and olive oil moisturize the lashes and promote healthy growth. Apply the oil to your lashes with a clean mascara wand or cotton swab. While the oil hydrates the lash hairs and keeps them from falling out, it also darkens them, giving them the appearance of being longer and thicker.

Moisturize with Aloe vera. Another DIY way to hydrate and thicken dry, brittle lashes is to use Aloe vera gel. Aloe vera is both relaxing and moisturizing to the skin and also to your eyelashes. It promotes collagen production, which nourishes the eyelashes. Using these natural methods to keep your lashes moisturized might help you avoid damage.


Biotin supplements. Collagen and biotin are known to support the hair growth process. If your lashes are weak and thin, consider taking biotin supplements. They are safe to go with; however, it is always recommended to check the product label properly beforehand. Biotin, zinc, selenium, vitamin A and protein are the important nutrients that support healthy hair growth. It is the hair of the head or eyelashes that needs these vitamins and minerals to grow and be healthy.


Eyelash Care Steps to do regularly


Proper maintenance promotes longer, thicker eyelashes. Follow these lash-care tips:


Understand the root cause. In every given problem, the first step to a solution is to diagnose the root cause of the problem. Only then can you give the best treatment to the problem and succeed in resolving it. In cases of excessive eyelash fall or thinning, there could be an underlying issue too. Loss of eyelashes can be caused by a variety of problems, including skin illnesses, drug side effects, metabolic irregularities, eye infection, inflammations, and other health issues. In this case, you should consult a doctor and choose the appropriate remedy.


Wash off makeup and dirt every time. To remove eye makeup, use a gentle remover like Micellar Water, Raw Milk, or Coconut Oil. To completely remove your eye makeup, soak a cotton ball in the solution and press it against your eye for 10 seconds. Use delicate motions and avoid yanking on your lashes. A buildup of cosmetics and grime can irritate and dry out your lashes, resulting in eye infections and lash loss. Washing your face on a daily basis might help to maintain eyelash health.


Eat a healthy diet. Making dietary modifications can also help your eyelashes stay healthy. Incorporating foods that promote hair growth and include omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish, leafy greens, and avocado, provides the nutrition your eyelashes require to grow thick and strong.


Take a break from makeup. Thick mascara coats and thick lash extensions put pressure on the hair follicles, causing damage to the lashes. Consider taking a makeup break once a week to allow your eyelashes to rest and recover. If you suffer from itchy, irritated eyes and dry eyelashes, try being makeup-free for a few days or even weeks. Limit the use of eyelash curlers and fake lashes, as they weaken the hairs and cause them to fall off.


Biotin is a popular supplement for both nail and hair growth, and biotin can be an effective way to support your natural lashes. Biotin or vitamin B7 that is naturally found in food like eggs, bananas, and some nuts or you can get them from supplements.

Individuals with a biotin deficiency may have premature hair loss and brittle nails. Taking biotin supplements can help you avoid a biotin deficiency, but you can also get it from supplements to strengthen the hair follicles that grow your lashes.

Biotin will not miraculously lengthen your natural lashes, but it will help them develop properly and stay healthy, preventing them from falling out prematurely.



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